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Find Your Part Number And Then Find Your New Adapter

June 26th, 2012

When you have been searching the internet for what seems like a lifetime, looking for the Acer Laptop Charger that is going to be the right one for your laptop it can sometimes seem like you are hitting a brick wall. With many listings for various model numbers and with many of the Laptop Adapters all looking the same, what is the answer? Many Acer laptops will indeed take the same laptop charger because they will need the same power in order to run.

If you want to cut out the guess work and jump straight to the matching part then take a look at the label on your old adapter. On this label you will be able to find a part number. All you need to then is search for this part number and in an instant you will be able to purchase the correct specification power supply. The Acer PA-1650-22 Laptop Adapter for instance is just one of many available from Laptop Power UK.

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90W Acer Travelmate Adapters

June 24th, 2012

Some Acer laptops require that bit more power when running from the mains power supply and charging the battery. This is where the 65W adapter will become redundant and instead the 90W Laptop Power Supply takes over. With a third more power it is slightly larger in size to cope with the extra demands placed upon it by the laptop. With 90W of power flowing through to your laptop it will be able to perform all of its’ operations with ease and charging the battery while the laptop is in use will be no problem.

Laptop Power UK are specialists in the replacement Acer Laptop Charger market meaning we are ideally placed to be able to source and supply you with not just a working adapter but an Acer Travelmate 5742 Laptop Adapter that is strong, built to last and exactly meets the high specification of your original adapter. Visit us today at to purchase your replacement charger.

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Replacement Acer Laptop Adapters

June 18th, 2012

An Acer Laptop Charger can be one of those products that you never give much though to apart from when yours has stopped working and you need a new one in a hurry. Laptop Power UK stock the full range of adapters for this brand ranging from the Acer Aspire One A100 Laptop Charger to the Acer Extensa Laptop Adapter and everything in between. There are many different variations of model number of laptop and you will find the replacement right here.

Simply search by your model number or number from the old adapter and you will be presented with the Laptop Power Supply that will meet the specifications required to charge your laptop. Almost as quickly as you have ordered the replacement it will be on your doorstep as our range of express delivery options reach you in record time. You don’t have to be without your laptop for long with Laptop Power UK.

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90W Or 65W Acer Aspire Laptop Chargers

May 27th, 2012

With  different laptops requiring different powered Laptop Chargers it is often a case that the laptop either needs a 65W or 90W power. There are higher ratings for bug powerful laptops and lower ratings for netbooks but on the whole a 15.4″ or 15.6″ laptop will either require 65W or 90W. At Laptop Power UK we cater for every eventuality so whichever power rated adapter you require, we stock it. You can check the label of your old adapter for details of what your Acer Aspire Laptop Charger needs to be or the details are usually on a label on the bottom of your laptop.

You could of course just visit our website and find the listing for your model of laptop. Here the full details of the power are listed. If you do not find your model in our extensive list, just get in touch and have your laptop and old charger to hand and we will help you to find the right Acer Aspire 8730G Charger or assist you to locate the matching adapter for your laptop.

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A Full Range Of Acer 8000 Series Laptop Power Supplies

May 17th, 2012

Within the Acer Aspire range there are hundreds of different models but only maybe three or four different types of adapter. At Laptop Power UK we have the full range of Acer Aspire 8000 Series Laptop Power Supplies including the Acer Aspire 8920 Laptop Power Supply. This is the higher powered 90W adapter which charges the laptop with a higher ampage of 4.74A. This higher power is sometimes required if the laptop has a need for more energy to power a larger screen, improved processor or larger battery.

While your laptop may be out of action if the charger is not working, it won’t be long until you have received your replacement when you order from Laptop Power UK as we always have Acer Aspire chargers in stock and dispatch the same day when ordered before 3pm.

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Replacement Acer KAV60 Chargers

May 16th, 2012

There is only one choice when your Acer Laptop Charger is no longer working. You will not find anybody to repair a faulty laptop charger as they are sealed units and once opened will not be put back together properly. The cost of a new Laptop Adapter is so low these days that you would spend less buying a new one rather than trying to get the old one repaired. When you are looking to find a replacement that is great value but of the same high standard as your original adapter you can do no better than buy from Laptop Power UK.

As we are the UK’s leading specialist in laptop chargers and power cables there is nothing we do not know about providing you with the very best at the lowest prices and giving you all the help you need before and after your purchase. With a long warranty your Acer KAV60 Charger could even outlast your laptop.

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Acer Chargers And Free Power Cords From Laptop Power UK

March 19th, 2012

It would take you a long time to list all of the different Acer Laptop models. There are literally hundreds and all of them require an Acer Laptop Charger in order to run when the battery no longer has any power. As a rule, the Acer Aspire Laptop Adapter is going to come in either a 65W version or a more powerful 90W version. Depending on the model of your laptop it will require one of these in particular.

You can look on the bottom of the laptop to find the power requirements or if they are not there, they will be on the label of the charger. With great prices on all Acer Aspire 5332 Laptop Power Supplies and more and each order coming with a free power cord you can always ensure your laptop is powered with the help of Laptop Power UK.

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Acer 5935 Charger – It’s An Acer Charger But More Powerful

March 14th, 2012

Acer laptops may require a 65W Laptop Charger or if they are a bit more thirsty on the power, a 90W Laptop Power Supply. This extra power can be delivered by a 90W Acer Laptop Charger with an output of 19V and 4.74A. As it needs to produce more power, the 90W versions are usually about 25% larger then the 65W versions.

This is the only difference that you will notice though because the tip of the charger is still the same size as the 65W version and it will still work in exactly the same way. Laptop Power UK specialise in providing the correct laptop charger for your laptop make and model and also getting the power right.

Without the correct power going to your laptop it may be sluggish, have a dim display or not power on at all so it is very important to feed it with the right current. Take a look at our extensive database and purchase your new Acer Aspire 5935 Laptop Adapter today.

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Acer Travelmate 5620 Laptop Adapters For Sale At Laptop Power UK

March 7th, 2012

Are you frustrated by the ever increasing prices for your daily essentials? Does the cost of living stop you from enjoying yourself as much as you used to? If so, you are not alone because many people are feeling the pinch. This has lead to a larger number of people staying at home and finding alternative ways to entertain themselves. The laptop has become an indispensable tool in helping you to kill a few hours of boredom. This may be one reason why there are more and more people looking to repair their laptop, get it working again and source a new Acer Laptop Power Supply.

To keep your laptop working through hours of use, the only solution is to plug a Laptop Charger in. If your is broken or only works intermittently, you could end up with an instance where the laptop will just cut off, losing any work or websites which you have not saved. Avoid this and keep yourself entertained by purchasing a new Acer Travelmate 5620 Laptop Adapter that will power your laptop for a long time to come.

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Delta Branded Replacement Chargers For Your Acer Laptop

February 28th, 2012

Some of the very best original Laptop Chargers are made by a company called Delta Electronics. If you ever see a Delta laptop charger for sale, you can be sure that it is the very best available and essentially an original branded charger but in different clothing. This Delta charger is exactly what Laptop Power UK are selling as a replacement Acer Laptop Adapter. As there are a few different models of Acer laptop you may need a slightly different charger. So look on your laptop to check whether it is an Acer Aspire Laptop Charger or an Acer Extensa Laptop Charger that is needed.

Once you have found this, check for a model number. You can then use this to find the correct replacement from our database. We stock a charger suitable for all models including the Acer Extensa 5200 Laptop Charger. The charger comes with a 12 month warranty but you would be unlikely to ever use it as the quality and performance of these high end adapters means they could last a lifetime.

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