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Advent Milano Power Supplies For That Power Back Into Your Laptop

May 8th, 2012

The Advent Milano laptop is a very cheap budget laptop which is designed to get you using a laptop but without the expensive price tag. One of the drawbacks with owning a budget laptop is the lower battery life. You might only see usage times of just over an hour with some models which is obviously not going to get you very far if you want to watch a film on your laptop. This may not put you off however as you can make a good saving but what you will need is a good quality, functioning Laptop Charger to combat the poor battery life.

Laptop Power UK stock the perfect Advent Laptop Adapter which has the power and the build quality to work time and time again, powering your laptop and charging the battery in one go. The Advent Milano Laptop Power Supply comes with 65W of power and a 12 month warranty. It also includes a power cord absolutely free.

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Advent Netbook Power Supplies And More

March 18th, 2012

With the price of new Laptop Power Supplies high from the manufacturers it is most peoples first option to scour the internet and look for a cheaper replacement elsewhere. Laptop Power UK may have been one of the first you saw in a Google search. This is because we are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of replacement laptop chargers including Advent Netbook Laptop Chargers.

And once you have found your Advent 4211 Laptop Charger with next day delivery, free power cord and 1 year warranty you can also browse our range for the likes of a battery or screen replacement. All of our products are original or OEM replacements meaning the quality is the best available. There are also long warranties and as much technical help as you require. To place an order or for help call us on 0845 257 7745.

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Advent Laptop Chargers To Replace A Faulty Power Supply

December 7th, 2011

Advent are the home brand of the Dixon’s Group who own Curry’s and PC World. You will probably have bought your laptop from one of these high street electrical retailers so may think of returning there to have your laptop fixed when it breaks or to purchase replacement parts such as the Advent Laptop Charger. Unfortunately these companies do not specialise in supplying replacement parts such as the laptop charger and in many cases can only offer a universal charger.

The universal charger is far from ideal is it not purpose built for any one laptop and so has inherent weaknesses such as the removable tips. It is also quite expensive for what is essentially a lower standard of product. Instead, visit Laptop Power UK where we actually DO specialise in these replacement laptop chargers. You will find the purpose built Advent 4211C Laptop Adapter amongst a whole host of others. Made by the same company that manufactures for some of the leading global names such as Toshiba you will also benefit from superb build quality and performance.

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Advent 7113 Screens To Help You Fix Your Laptop

September 25th, 2011

A broken Laptop Screen is going to spoil your enjoyment when using your laptop. The way the front protective face of the screen can crack, usually makes long ’spiders web’ effects over the panel meaning you will not just have a small unnoticeable blemish in a corner but it will severely impede your view of the screen. On top of this there may also be an effect within the screen that looks like there is ink or a water smudge. This is where the liquid crystal display has been damaged.

Unfortunately this cannot be repaired by any economical means and certainly not by your average Laptop Repair Store. The only solution would be to replace this damaged panel. It is not as expensive as you may think and can even be done at home. If you need an Advent 7113 Laptop Display Panel then what are you waiting for? Come and buy one from the UK’s leading laptop parts supplier.

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Advent 5365 Charger Prices Compared To PC World

September 7th, 2011

A lot of people in the UK will buy their new laptop from one of the major high street electrical retailers such as Currys, Dixons or PC World. It is a brand name they trust and with strong marketing campaigns on-line and on the TV, a good deal can always be found. this might not be true though when something goes wrong with your Laptop Charger and you need to get a replacement. Once the warranty has expired, you will be left to stump up the cost of a new adapter.

Compare the prices from to those of the big name retailer and the price difference can be massive. Although the Advent brand is one sold by PC World they may not be the best place to source a replacement part. Advent 5365 Chargers are vital for the smooth operation of your laptop but they needn’t reflect that in the price. Instead of receiving a universal adapter you will receive a fixed tip purpose built charger, specifically to fit your laptop. You do not have to worry about setting the correct power or losing the charger tip and can just plug in and charge your laptop from the second you receive the adapter. And that can be as quick as going to the shops too. We also offer a next working day delivery service for those in a hurry.

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Advent 3300 Laptop Power Supplies – for when you are on your travels

September 1st, 2011

As the summer holiday season is drawing to a close and the school year gets ever nearer, the demand for Replacement Laptop Chargers spikes. As your children will soon be wanting to access the internet and word processor on their laptop you will require a laptop charger that is fully working to power the laptop. Over the holidays, the original Advent Adapter may have been lost or left in a hotel room whilst abroad. If this has happened you do need to pay inflated prices from the manufacturer or at the high street store you purchased the adapter from.

Instead visit to see the Advent 3300 Chargers that we have in stock today. An order made prior to 3pm will be dispatched the same day by our dedicated warehouse team, ensuring that you will not have to wait long to use your laptop again. Order today to receive your power supply before the new school term begins.

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The Advent 1115C Laptop Adapter Is Here To Save You From A Flat Battery

July 27th, 2011

Flat batteries on peoples laptops causes them a lot of inconvenience. When you just need to nip on-line to check your bank statement or send a quick email the last thing you want is to find your battery is dead and the Laptop Adapter is not working. In an ideal world you would have some notice that your charger is on its last legs, however this is rarely the case. Nine times out of ten you will be left with no charger, no laptop and no access to the internet to go and order a replacement.

It is not worth having a spare Advent Charger though is it? Well yes it is because at Laptop Power UK we speak to customers on a daily basis, desperate for us to send a new power supply as quickly as possible to get their laptop running again. As an important tool for work, school and more, you may be in a position where you can’t afford to be without your laptop. In these instances, prepare for the worst.

Select your replacement Advent 1115C Laptop Adapter here today to allow you a bit of relief when your laptop charger breaks. With a spare already in the house you allow yourself the comfort of never having to be without your laptop when you most need it. Call today or order on-line for your OEM adapter.

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Advent 6441 Laptop Charger Replacement – Its one of the most popular models

July 21st, 2011

The Advent 6441 Laptop Charger Replacement is one of the most popular adapters currently used by many of the big name brands. Adapters like these are used in so many different laptops they are easy to come by, however as they are so popular, the quality from some has been watered down immensely. If you see one for only a few pounds – avoid it, because although cheap it will almost certainly be poor. Poor in terms of durability and poor in terms of safety.

Laptop Power UK can instead have your laptop charging up with a superior replacement for only a few pounds more. We have honed our expertise over years of trading to be able to give you the very best Advent Laptop Adapters. Popular models such as this one are always in stock and ready to be shipped almost immediately. This 65W, 19V 3.42A charger comes with the standard 5.5mm diameter tip with 2.5mm inner diameter. Visit to order your superb Advent Charger today.

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Advent 4214 Chargers – With a Delta branded charger you can’t go wrong

July 11th, 2011

There are brands you automatically associate with quality. All of these brands are at the top of their game when it comes to design, build quality and status. In the Laptop Charger world, it is no different. There are brands which are considered to be the best by those in the industry. One of these brands is Delta. These Taiwanese based manufacturers are manufacturing the most reliable power adapters in the world and Laptop Power UK are bringing them to the UK market.

Your Advent 4214 Adapter is vital for the smooth operation of your laptop and there are many different varieties of laptop charger you can buy as a replacement. Let us advise you that you will not find another brand of charger that is as good as the Delta OEM adapter. Delta not only produce their own branded items but the same adapters are also commissioned by the big names such as Acer who then re-brand them. We give you a 1 year warranty and all the help you need before and after your purchase.

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Advent 6522 Charger – Don’t pay the high street price for your charger replacement

June 1st, 2011

Advent laptops are PC Worlds in house brand of laptop. With this in mind you might be tempted to return to them for a Replacement Laptop Charger. This will not be the best decision however as they may well be able to sell you the laptop but when it comes to needing a replacement Advent 6522 Charger the choice is very expensive and not purpose built for your laptop. By this we mean the replacement Advent Adapter will be a ‘Universal Adapter’. These are adapters that are not made for any one machine in particular but have lots of different charger tips which you need to select the right one for your laptop.

This can make the adapter inherently weaker than a charger that is purpose made for a laptop. You will not lose the removable tip and as it is fixed, it will be stronger. Laptop Power UK has a laptop charger for all makes of laptop and a 12 month guarantee. We are cheaper than the high street and have the best quality chargers you can buy. It wouldn’t make sense to shop anywhere else!

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