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You Don’t Need To Visit The Apple Store For An Original Apple Charger

June 15th, 2012

While the prices of original Laptop Chargers seems to keep on rising, there is always an option when you want to save some money. Instead of going to your local Apple store to pay over the odds for a new Apple Laptop Charger, just get yourself on-line and see what Laptop Power UK can do for you. With our original Apple Macbook Laptop Power Supplies any problems you are experiencing with not being able to power your laptop or charge the battery will soon be a thing of the past.

We can save you the hassle of going into town to purchase a replacement as you can order from home by calling us on 0845 257 7745 or on-line. We can dispatch your order the same day if ordered before 3pm and have a range of delivery methods for you to choose from ensuring you receive your purchase in as quick a time as possible.

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Sleek Design Apple Macbook Adapters

September 13th, 2011

As with all modern Apple products the design is one of the stand out features alongside their great functionality. With the likes of the iPod, iPhone and Macbooks selling extremely well there is an increased demand for original replacement parts. The Apple Macbook Charger is one of these products which can be overpriced in some outlets. Nevertheless it is still a really important part of you laptop and one that basically keeps the whole unit usable.

If you search for a good deal instead of buying the first one that you see then you will likely come across Laptop Power UK. We are one of the leading suppliers in Europe and the UK and stock original Apple Adapters amongst our huge range. With the special tip on these adapters, otherwise known as the ‘MagSafe’ tip you do not lose any of the functionality of your original Charger. In addition you can choose exactly which method of shipping you prefer should you be in a rush to get a replacement. All products we sell come with a 12 month warranty for added peace of mind.

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Apple Original Laptop Chargers – Apple Magsafe chargers from Laptop Power UK

April 7th, 2011

The range of Apple Macbook Laptop Chargers and Apple Macbook Pro Laptop Chargers use Apple’s own unique Magsafe Laptop Adapters. This is a type of charger specific to Apple only, whereas many other manufacturers use very similar options. The tip of this charger is magnetised, hence its name and will clip into place when you attach it to your laptop. This can make it a bit trickier to find a suitable replacement. If yours is no longer charging your laptop, you have dropped it and broken the casing or the cables have become damaged, you can get an original replacement from UK based Laptop Power UK.

Models supported include the Apple Macbook Air Laptop Charger, Apple Macbook 13″ White Laptop Adapter and Apple Macbook Pro 15″ Laptop Power Supply.  With the exact laptop power supply your laptop originally came with and was designed to be powered by, your laptop can be successfully charged again giving you the freedom to search the internet as you were used to. At a great price, you will save yourself some hard earned money too ordering through Laptop Power UK as opposed to going direct to Apple. Also as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of laptop chargers you can be sure that you will not be getting a low quality compatible option that is not suitable to power your laptop.

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Apple Macbook Chargers – Original Apple with massive savings

March 17th, 2011

For all original Apple Macbook Chargers, make massive savings from the comfort of your own home and visit If you own an Apple Macbook laptop, you will probably be quite concious of the great look of the laptop and its standing in the market as a trendy brand. If you need a new Laptop Charger you will not want to spoil the look by getting some cheap looking chunky brick that will stand out like a sore thumb. Instead you can get a sleek looking original OEM Apple Macbook Air Charger, Apple Macbook 13″ Aluminium Unibody Adapter or Apple Macbook Pro 17″ Charger for a fraction of the cost of those sold at your local high street store.

As an original product with its unique Magsafe charger tip connector, you can plug and play with your laptop each and every time you charge it. As there are very high standards with the manufacture of both the laptop and Laptop Adapter you will be fully equipped to charge your laptop whenever you need to and have the confidence with our 1 year warranty that should anything go amiss, you will be helped by Laptop Power UK

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Original Apple Chargers – Cheaper than at the Apple store

March 8th, 2011

Apple Macbook Pro Laptop Chargers and Apple Macbook Air Laptop Chargers are difficult to source at a competitive rate. As they are mainly available from the Apple high street store, the price can be very high indeed. Much more than you should reasonably expect to pay. In the instance when you need to find yourself a replacement Apple Macbook 13″ Black Charger, Apple Macbook Pro 15″ Laptop Charger or Apple Macbook 13″ White Laptop Adapter you should always pay a visit to Laptop Power UK first to check our stock. We supply original Laptop Chargers for the likes of Apple, Dell and HP and top branded products such as Delta Laptop Chargers which means we have the best stock at the best prices available.

For only £3 extra you can use our express courier delivery service which is guaranteed to be with you the very next working day when the order is placed before 3.30pm. This extra £3 could be the best money you spend if it means it allows you to get your laptop powered up again especially if you use your laptop for work or you have some important coursework deadline looming. for any queries or info, email us or call us on our sales line displayed on

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Apple Charger Not Charging – If you need a replacement we have the charger

February 16th, 2011

Whether you are a heavy user of your Apple laptop or just use it occasionally to browse the internet you will not be able to do without an Apple Macbook Charger or Apple Powerbook Charger. The battery will not last forever so in order to keep your laptop running you will need a fully working Laptop Mains Cable. It can sometimes be a bit of a struggle to source replacement parts like this from the laptop manufacturer. You may have to wait in a telephone queue or go to your nearest store to get one. The price is usually high for these parts too, setting you back probably double the price we charge for the same item.

All of our Apple Macbook Air Chargers, Apple Macbook Pro 15″ Chargers and Apple Macbook 13″ White Chargers, amongst others, are the original, verified OEM Apple products. You can’t go wrong with these and all are guaranteed to power your Apple Laptop successfully. Not only is the price great, but we have superior lead times on all orders. We can get your brand new laptop charger to you as early as the next morning using an express courier service. This can prove to be invaluable if you rely on your laptop for work. You can call us during normal office hours to place an order or ask any questions or alternatively take a look at our FAQ section where most queries have been answered at

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Apple charger Hot – Replace your Apple Laptop Charger with peace of mind and excellent prices.

December 25th, 2010

To replace your Laptop Adapter with an original branded product can cost a lot of money especially when sourced through the manufacturer or high street chain. This is especially true with Apple products due to their appeal and high quality. You will have spent a lot of money to purchase your Apple Laptop and will therefore not want to allow it to lie unused and without a means to power it. Keep your expensive electronics charged with Laptop Power UK’s wide range of original Laptop Adaptors.

We stock all the top brands of Laptop Charger to power the best known laptops on the market. Our stock includes Apple Macbook Air Chargers, Apple Macbook 13” White Chargers, Apple Macbook 13” Black Chargers, Apple Macbook Pro 15” Adapters and Apple Macbook Pro 17” Adapters. Get yours in time for the New Year by ordering now.

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Apple Charger Not Working – Find your stylish Apple Macbook Charger at Laptop-Power UK

December 18th, 2010

Apple Mac machines are becoming ever more popular due to their great design and appeal. No matter how good an Apple Macbook may be, if you have lost your Apple Macbook Charger or it is no longer working, you will eventually run out of battery charge. As an affordable piece of equipment, a Laptop Mains Charger is something you can replace easily – or even have a spare in your laptop bag or at the office. As people become more reliant on their laptops and as we rely on the internet more and more for everything from communication to our grocery shopping, it is always advisable to have a spare Laptop Adapter.

A genuine Apple Replacement Laptop Power Supply can be an expensive part to source as many people may look to Apple themselves in the first instance. Laptop Power UK however has sourced Genuine Apple Macbook Laptop Chargers and can deliver it to your door for a fraction of the high street retail price. So whether you are looking for an Apple Macbook Air Laptop Charger, Apple Macbook 13” White Laptop Charger, Apple Macbook Pro 15” Laptop Charger, Apple Macbook Pro 17” Laptop Charger or Apple Macbook 13” Aluminium Unibody Laptop Charger you will receive this sleek, stylish Apple Macbook Charger to get your Apple Macbook back up and running.

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Apple Charger Macbook – Source your Apple Macbook Chargers from Laptop-Power UK

December 13th, 2010

Apples’ range of Macbooks is becoming ever more popular due to their great design and appeal. As a highly sought after piece of equipment you may think that to source replacement parts will cost you a lot of money. In some cases this is true but at Laptop Power UK we strive to bring you the latest Laptop Adapters at extremely competitive prices.

The trouble with buying generic replacement products is that they are usually of inferior quality and will not last as long as you would expect. Some can even be dangerous. Laptop-Power UK is committed to bringing you Original OEM Apple Macbook Chargers and Apple Macbook Air Chargers and Apple Macbook Pro Chargers. As a Genuine Apple product you can be sure the quality is of the highest standard and we back this up with our 12 month warranty. You can have your Apple Macbook Air Charger, Apple Macbook 13” White Adapter, Apple Macbook Pro 15” Charger or Apple Macbook Pro 17” Adapter delivered within 24 hours to ensure your Apple Macbook Laptop is never without the power it needs.

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Apple MacBook Pro Power Supply

September 7th, 2010

Apple have become one of the most glamour brands in the world over the past few years. What ever they do it generally looks sleek (even if it is only white plastic!). The chargers that Apple have made for use with their laptops are no exception. The shape and size are not typical for a laptop charger and the tip on the end of the charger is increasingly becoming one of their “MagSafe” tips – which has a magnet in it gripping the laptop. As such the tip should not fall out if you put it on your laptop whilst on the sofa for example.

The body of the Apple laptop adapter has the iconic Apple logo moulded into it, with simplicity and elegance that grace all Apple products. If you are going to be using the laptop in the library then you will be the envy of all others with your MacBook Pro and accompanying Apple Laptop Charger.

Laptop Power UK stock both the 16.5V and 18.5V of the magsafe tip laptop chargers, with the larger screen sizes typically requiring the higher. If you need any help in selecting the correct item please call our sales team who will be happy to take you call and get your Apple Laptop Adapter to you as soon as possible and back up and running!

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