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Source Replacement Dell PA-19 Laptop Adapters From Laptop Power UK

July 10th, 2012

Dell laptops are some of the most popular in the UK but particular models are targeted more to the specialist side of the laptop market. Laptops with high end capabilities and more powerful processors will be more suited to those using their laptop for work, for instance in graphic design or for those really keen on their gaming. The drawback of having this more powerful, larger laptop is the need for more power to perform the necessary tasks you demand of it.

The Dell PA-19 Laptop Charger is one of the big boys which has the highest power needed to successfully give your high end laptop the surge of power it needs when the battery gets low. Running at a very high 230W, more than double the power of the standard Dell Laptop Charger, it is also one of the largest and heaviest adapters out there. While this may not be good for carrying around in a laptop bag, the chances are you use this powerful laptop on a desk in a static position for most of the day anyway. Visit us on-line to find out more.

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Don’t Make Do With Inadequate Chargers – Buy An Original Dell LA90PS0-00 Adapter Today

June 10th, 2012

In these days of broadband internet and instant access to any information or websites you like in seconds, you do not want to be struggling with any aspect of your laptop. This includes one of the most important parts – the Laptop Charger. Without this in proper working order, there can be many frustrating moments as you try to get the laptop to charge. Often the problem can be caused by a damaged wire or one of the prongs inside the tip being damaged. You may have to manipulate the cable or charger tip inside the DC socket just to get any power from the Dell Laptop Adapter.

If you are struggling with an inadequate Dell LA90PS0-00 Adapter or constantly battling to power the laptop the solution is cheap and easy. Laptop Power UK can provide an original Dell charger at a low price but still with the standard 12 month warranty. You can forget about struggling to charger your laptop and simply plug in and away you go.

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Find The Distinctive Dell 1545 Octagonal Tip Adapter Right Here!

May 18th, 2012

One of the only Laptop Chargers that does not have a circular tip to plug into the charging socket is the Dell 1545 Laptop Adapter. Instead of a circular tip, this one is octagonal in shape and quite distinctive. You will be able to tell by looking inside the DC socket inside the laptop or by checking your old laptop adapter. The reason your old Dell Laptop Charger has broken may be wide and varied but one thing is always the same – when it has broken you should just replace it with a new one.

To avoid any damage to your laptop or to yourself the best solution is to replace the faulty adapter before any damage occurs that could be caused by a short or power surge or by overheating in the DC socket. With many of the popular Dell laptop power supplies all in stock at any one time, we can supply the original laptop charger replacements, cheaper than Dell themselves and without all the hassle.

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Find A New Dell 65W Adapter At Laptop Power UK

May 13th, 2012

Some Dell laptops require a 65W Laptop Power Supply. This is delivered to the laptop in the form of 19.5V and 3.34A. This is all that the laptop requires in order for it to run successfully while at the same time being able to charge the battery. After a few years of use, your laptop battery may not be working to its full potential and when this happens it becomes increasingly important to have a Dell Laptop Adapter that is working.

Your laptop can run successfully from just the power supply and the battery can be removed completely. The only trouble is, when you do this you will always need to have the Dell Vosto 1015 Charger plugged in. That will not be a problem when shopping at Laptop Power because we only stock original Dell laptop power supplies which are the perfect companion for your laptop and its power needs.

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Dell PA-1650-05D3 Adapters For That Bit Of Extra Power

April 14th, 2012

When your laptop charger is struggling to do the job in powering your laptop and charging the battery every other day then before the battery finally dies, it is always recommended you buy a replacement sooner rather than later. With the possibility of the laptop running out of reserve power and with no means to power it, it could be days before you can use the laptop again after ordering a replacement. If you need to use your laptop every day and wand a new Dell Laptop Adapter quickly, shop at Laptop Power UK.

Our Dell PA-1650-05D3 Adapters are original and so when you plug it into the laptop it will be immediately recognised. Some others will not be recognised by the laptop as they will not have the specific software and tip technology. This can be avoided by buying original and this is where we can be of assistance. If you want advice on what to to next or which charger to order then just give us a call or email.

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The Full Range Of Dell Laptop Chargers Available From Laptop Power UK

April 9th, 2012

When you are in need of a new Genuine Dell Laptop Charger you should pay a visit to We only supply genuine Dell replacements and free power cords so you do not need to worry about the compatibility of the power supplies. There are only a few different types of Dell Laptop Power Supply and they are known by various ‘Dell Family Numbers’. We stock all manner of these replacements from 3.42A, 65W supplies right up to the large, powerful 11A replacements for the seriously powerful gaming and office machines.

From the Dell PA-10 Laptop Adapter to the Dell Pa-12 Adapter and everything in between, Laptop Power UK is capable of providing original replacements at exceptional prices. Each power supply comes with a 12 month warranty and is capable of charging your laptop time and time again. For a quote why not call us on 0845 257 7745.

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Buy A New Dell Laptop Charger And Receive A Free Power Cord

April 2nd, 2012

When you shop at Laptop Power UK for your brand new Dell Laptop Adapter you do not need to search elsewhere or spend more money looking for a laptop power cord to plug into the adapter. This is because with every purchase of a Laptop Power Supply we will give you a matching power cord absolutely free.

Depending on the type of laptop charger you are purchasing it will either require a 2 pin or 3 pin connector. The 2 pin connector is sometimes referred to as a figure of 8 power cord because of it’s shape with two pins situated next to each other. The 3 pin connector is sometimes referred to as a clover leaf. Imagine a 3 leaf clover and that is the shape of this connection. So forget worrying about finding the correct type of power cord, just buy your new Dell Inspiron 1720 Laptop Charger and we will complete the full power supply from wall to laptop for free.

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Keep Your Laptop Battery Powered Throughout Your Busy Day

March 22nd, 2012

Many of now rely on laptops, computers and the internet during our working day. Without these vital pieces of equipment we can find ourselves out of touch and unable to compete with those who have a working laptop. To continue to keep up with the hectic pace of life and to make sure you can do your job effectively, Laptop Power UK will ensure that your laptop is always primed and ready to be used whenever you require it.

Your Dell laptop might be one of the tools you use in your work day the most. It might have loads of essential programmes and documents stored on its hard drive and without them you might feel like you have lost an arm. To ensure you always have the power needed to run your laptop we recommend having a spare Dell Laptop Adapter in the office or in the car. At Laptop Power we provide original Dell Latitude E5410 Laptop Chargers and many more to those who have developed a faulty power supply. with next day shipping an option you do not have to struggle on without your laptop for more than a few hours and each one is guaranteed for 1 year.

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Replace Your Worn Dell Vostro Adapter Before It Is Too Late

March 22nd, 2012

Over time your Dell Laptop Charger may begin to show signs of wear and tear. The cables may start to fray and it may only charge when held in a certain position. Perhaps you have had to tape up the cables or tip to squeeze those extra few weeks of use out of the Laptop Power Supply. Well really, this kind of thing can be dangerous because all it could take could be a small spark for things to go badly wrong in your home.

Instead of risking it, why not spend the small amount of money it costs to replace your worn out Dell Vostro 1000 Charger from Laptop Power UK. This brand new unit is guaranteed for 12 months and will prevent you from worrying about the safety of your charger or messing around with it every time you need to power your laptop battery. Original Dell Laptop Chargers do not come any cheaper so grab one while you can!

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Find The Original Replacement For Your Dell Adapter At Laptop Power

March 13th, 2012

A Dell laptop is built with a technology that makes it hard if not impossible for the laptop to be powered with anything other than an original Dell Laptop Adapter. This is why Laptop Power UK is the first place people turn to when they are in desperate need of a replacement Dell Vostro Laptop Power Supply and power cable. Here all of our replacement Dell power supplies are the real deal and guaranteed to work on your laptop.

The technology within the laptop and also the adapter matches up to create a proper connection and to allow the power from the Dell Vostro 1510 Laptop Charger to successfully reach the laptop charging circuit. This way, the laptop will not only be able to run from the mains power supply, but also with the battery inserted in the laptop, will charge the battery too. You can then use your laptop on the go from these reserves of power. Visit Laptop Power UK for more details.

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