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Hi-Grade Charger Broken? – You can even get a replacement for this

April 14th, 2011

There may come a day when your Laptop breaks down and to get it working you may need to buy a replacement part for it. One of these parts could be the AC Adapter. This part is used to convert the power from your home or office supply into a usable current for the laptop. As it is not an item like a desktop computer which is constantly plugged in it has a battery. But depending on what tasks you are doing this battery life can fluctuate. Most newer laptops have increased battery life as the technology progresses but laptops from a couple of years ago may only see around two to three hours of use from a single charge.

With this in mind if you use your laptop a lot, you will need to charge it or power it from the mains at least once a day. To do this your Hi-Grade Laptop Charger needs to be the correct power rating. By this we mean the correct voltage and ampage. To find out the correct power rating for your laptop you can simply flip it upside down. On all laptops these specifications are required to be printed somewhere on the laptop. This is usually on a sticker on the base or in the hole where your battery sits. If you then search for your particular model of laptop, for instance Hi-Grade M760S, you can double check with the specifications of the charger as shown on the website. All that is left then is to order the item and allow yourself to charger your laptop successfully. At Laptop Power UK we offer a range of delivery methods to ensure yours reaches you as quickly as possible.

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Hi-Grade Charger Not Working – A faulty charger could be the problem

March 25th, 2011

If when you plug your Hi-Grade Laptop Charger into the laptop but nothing happens you could very well have a faulty Laptop Charger. This being the only thing that can charge your laptop or allow it to run off the mains power, it is obviously a very important bit of kit. All Laptop Power Supplies have specific power ratings and sizes of tip. It all depends on the requirements and make of your laptop which determine these factors. Some chargers will be very common for a range of laptops from different manufacturers, some will only be used on that one type of machine, for example Sony.

The Hi-Grade range of laptops uses a very common power rating and tip size which is handy when coming to find a replacement. To get your Hi-Grade 1500 Laptop Charger, Hi-Grade 8317R Laptop Adapter or Hi-Grade g6000 Laptop Power Supply just follow these links or go to With all items in stock we dispatch the same day for all orders received before 3.30pm ensuring they reach you as quickly as possible. We know your laptop is important to you so within hours you could be charging once again.

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Hi-Grade Replacement Laptop Charger – Your search for a suitable replacement is now over

February 22nd, 2011

The Hi-Grade laptop is not a particularly common laptop so when you want to get a Replacement Laptop Charger the choice will not be all that great. Laptop Power UK is one of the few places where you can buy Laptop Adapters for many different kinds of laptop and all at a very reasonable price. There are even fewer companies that sell the very best quality products as many will stock the cheap, poorer quality Chinese replacements. Fortunately Laptop Power UK also sells the very best Hi Grade 1500 Chargers, Hi-Grade 8615 Adapters and Hi-Grade G6000 Adaptors and can ship to anywhere in Europe.

Hi-Grade Chargers will be suitable to power your laptop and to provide charge to the battery allowing you to use your laptop wherever you go. Just plug the laptop power supply into the socket and away you go. Our laptop chargers are guaranteed to last you at the very least 12 months, as covered by our warranty and you can reasonably expect a few years usage out of them. Our products are of equal, if not better quality than the original version your laptop came with and are always sure to do the job they say they will.

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Hi-Grade Laptop Adapters – For all replacement Hi-Grade adapters visit Laptop Power UK

February 1st, 2011

The Hi-Grade Laptop Adapter is commonly 19v, 3.42a and this is used across the full range of laptops. So although the Hi-Grade laptop is not that common you will easily be able to find a Replacement Laptop Adapter. This particular Laptop Charger is probably the most common in terms of the output current it provides and the size of the fitting that goes into your laptop. There will be various different options open to you in terms of the quality of the charger you choose but none will be on the same level as the one you can find with Laptop Power UK.

We sell the very best Hi-Grade 8615 Adapters, Hi-Grade VA250D Adapters and Hi-Grade VA250P Chargers you could find anywhere in the world. In terms of build quality and the length of time it will last you will not find a better product. We can get our chargers to you the very next day if you are in a hurry to get your laptop working again and we also offer a 12 month warranty, no quibbles return policy and as much support from our team of staff that you could wish for. For further information why not visit to see our FAQ section.

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Laptop Power Pack Overheating – Hi Grade Adapters to keep your laptop charged

December 28th, 2010

If your Laptop Power Pack is overheating you can get your replacement Hi Grade Laptop Chargers direct from Laptop-Power UK. Don’t wait until your Laptop PSU has completely given up the ghost. Get a Replacement Laptop Adapter to ensure you have power at your fingertips whenever you need it. If your Laptop Power Pack seems to be overheating it may soon stop charging altogether. It is also advisable to get a replacement to prevent any possible safety issues.

All of Laptop-Power Uk’s Laptop Chargers come with a 12 month warranty and meet all relevant safety measures so you can rest easy knowing your Laptop Power Supply is safe to use in your home and office. To get your Hi-Grade 8615 Charger, Hi-Grade VA250D Adapter or Hi-Grade VA250P Adapter visit where all items are dispatched the same working day when ordered before 3.30pm. With the option of next day delivery we won’t be beaten on price, service or quality.

Hi-Grade laptop chargers

Hi-Grade laptop chargers

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Laptop Power Supply Hot – Keep your cool , Don’t be without your laptop.

December 24th, 2010

If your Laptop Power Supply is getting hot during use there may be an issue you will need to resolve. Sometimes if there are damaged components within the Laptop Charger, this may cause the overheating. A short between the tip of the charger and the DC Socket inside your laptop may also cause excessive heat. In some cases this short can even melt the plastics on your laptop and on the tip of the Laptop Adapter. Of course some heat will be normal but if you are worried it is always safer to purchase an alternative.

At Laptop-Power UK we specialise in providing our customers with the highest level of Laptop Adaptors to suit all makes and models of laptop. We can even cater for some lesser known makes including Hi-Grade Laptop Chargers. If you visit our website and enter the make of your laptop you will then be presented with a list of different models to match up to the model you have. The correct Laptop Power Unit will then be displayed – its as easy as that! Get your Hi Grade 8615 Adapter, Hi Grade VA250D Charger or Hi Grade VA250P Charger direct from the best.

Hi-Grade laptop chargers

Hi-Grade laptop chargers

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Hi-Grade laptop spares – Helping you to keep costs under control

October 21st, 2010

If you have had an accident with your Hi-Grade laptop, then the chances are we have a spare part that will get your laptop back to its original condition. If you have misplaced your Hi-Grade laptop charger, or have damaged your Hi-Grade laptop screen, then the problem may be a lot cheaper to put right than you might realise.

Laptop Power UK allows customers to purchase premium OEM quality laptop spares at prices that make sense. Given Hi-Grade isn’t the most expensive brand of laptop on the market, we pay special attention to keep our Hi-Grade spare parts competitively priced.

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Source yourself a new Hi-Grade laptop charger

October 12th, 2010

You may think that you are on your own if you are in possession of a Hi-Grade laptop. It isnt the most popular brand of laptop around, but over the last two years the brand has been catching on to some extent in the UK. If you require a replacement Hi-Grade laptop adapter then Laptop Power UK will be able to assist you.

Some of the popular products within our Hi-Grade laptop chargers product class are the Hi-Grade 8615 laptop charger, the Hi-Grade VA250D power cable and the Hi-Grade VA250P adapter. Our sales staff have noticed that orders for these products have been quite concentrated in the schools and education market. It would appear that the cheap and durable nature of the Hi-Grade brand has attracted the education community.

It is therefore worth noting that Laptop Power UK accepts purchase orders from all recognised educational establishments, and upon receiving a fax on headed paper, we will extend 30 days credit as standard. Dont find yourself without a Hi-Grade laptop ac adapter for longer than neccessary  – come to the nations #1 professional in providing laptop replacement parts – Laptop Power UK.

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Hi-Grade laptop chargers and power cables – In UK Stock

September 16th, 2010

Hi-Grade is not one of the most common laptop brands in the UK – but it is growing. Pitched more towards the economy end of the market, Hi-Grade laptops are a great buy for customers who want to access the world of mobile computing at an entry level price. As a result the demand for HI-Grade laptop chargers and laptop adapters continues to rise. One  of the most common product SKUs in this product class is the Hi-Grade VA250D laptop charger. Most of these product purchases appear to be driven by lost items and not because of a technical fault with the original equipment.

The HI-Grade M760S laptop adapter is also a common product request, especially amongst the education community. Laptop Power UK can supply all our laptop power adaptors on a next day delivery basis, to your home or your place of work. All our products are securely packaged and next day delivery options are available on all items.

If you urgently need to access the documents on your laptop, or the internet from your laptop, choose Laptop Power UK – the nation’s premier choice when it comes to sourcing laptop replacement parts. If you are in any doubt as to your requirement or our product availability, dont hessitate to contact our UK sales team – all who are based in the UK, know laptop chargers inside out – and who speak English as their first (and only!) language.

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