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HP Mini Adapters For When You Are On Your Travels

June 23rd, 2012

When you are on your travels you might want to ensure you take your laptop with you. On a long drive, you can put on a DVD and make sure the kids are kept quiet in the back or relax on the beach while you browse the internet or catch up on some emails. To do this you will need a HP Mini Laptop Charger that can be plugged into the lighter socket in your car or that can be used in the hotel room before leaving for the day.

You will find a range of HP Adapters available at Laptop Power UK from the largest laptops to the smallest netbooks. We have the knowledge and original replacement parts to make sure that whenever you need your laptop it is always ready to be used with a fully charged battery. Our HP Mini 210 Laptop Chargers are so compact they can be taken with you anywhere without getting in the way. You could even fit one in your pocket to ensure that you can power your laptop anytime you are near a power source!

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All Types Of HP Adapter Under One Roof At Laptop Power UK

April 28th, 2012

HP laptops generally run off one of 4 different Laptop Chargers. All models of laptop will use one of these 4 adapters and so the choice when looking for a replacement can be narrowed down quite a lot and it can make it easier to find the right replacement. At Laptop Power UK we stock them all, so no matter which laptop power supply you need it is in stock and available for same day dispatch to reach you quickly.

We sock all HP Pavilion Adapters and more so if it is a brand new, original HP adapter that you require, look no further. Coming in various tip sizes and power ratings we make it easy for you to select the correct one. All you need to do is find the model name and number of your laptop and search for this on our website. There will be a picture and the power ratings to compare to your old charger for peace of mind. Then all you need to do is purchase it and we will deliver to you the very next day if you need the charger in a hurry.

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For HP Chargers And HP Laptop Batteries Laptop Power UK Is Number 1

April 26th, 2012

A lot is said about the ability of your HP Laptop Charger and HP Laptop Battery to last the lifetime of the laptop. It may be what you expect to happen but in reality it can be extremely rare to do so. There may be misconceptions that these parts are made to break after a certain period. This is not the case but a manufacturer will probably not want to make these parts indestructible as this would mean that they would not be able to sell any replacements.

The quality of any HP Pavilion DV6000 Adapter is by far the greatest compared to others. If you are ever looking for a replacement then this is what you should aim to buy. The same goes for the HP G72 Laptop Battery. This, like any other battery will drop in performance over the years but whereas a lesser make would fail after 12 months, the original HP will carry on for 3 years or more. Laptop Power UK are now offering original replacement HP adapters and batteries at amazing prices so if you ever find yourself needing a replacement, trust the UK’s number 1.

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Get A New HP Adapter And Find It By The Part Number

April 25th, 2012

The HP Laptop Adapter will usually have printed on it a special part number. It may say ‘Replace with HP spare…” This part number is basically an identity tag which allows you and others to be able to identify the part you have and to be able to replace it easily. This number consists of 9 digits and will tell those in the know the type, power and tip size of the Laptop Power Supply.

This code can be used to find the same replacement HP Pavilion Charger online. Laptop Power UK has arranged the full list of these part numbers on our website so all it takes is a couple of seconds to type in this number and then you will be shown the original HP replacement charger you require. A popular charger is the HP 463958-001 Adapter and should you ever require a replacement there is only one place to visit – the UK’s number one, Laptop Power UK.

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With So Many HP Models Of Laptop Which One Is The Correct Adapter?

April 10th, 2012

With there being so many different models of HP laptop how do you know which one is the correct Laptop Adapter? If you visit you will see that as one of the biggest sellers in the UK and Europe of replacement laptop adapters we have a massive database of information. This information links the model number of the laptop to the correct replacement HP Laptop Power Supply and shows you all of the relevant specifications.

This is important to allow you to make an educated purchase and allows you to compare the specifications, image and price to others and also to the relevant needs of your particular laptop model. There are two important factors such as the size of the tip that will fit into your laptop. You can measure the HP Pavilion Adapter and ensure it will fit. You can also check on the label of your old power supply that our HP Pavilion Dv7 Charger will give the correct output. If you are struggling to find the part you think you need than just get in touch and we will help you to buy the right part at the right price.

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Buy Original Chargers For The Best Quality

March 30th, 2012

As the economy is in a bit of a slump at the present time, it can be very tempting to try to find a Replacement Laptop Charger that is very cheap. There are many adverts on the internet for replacements that can cost less than £5. In reality though, are these power supplies good enough to do the job? The information we receive from customers who have opted for these options and found they are inadequate is that they are to be avoided. They are just not up to standard and could even be dangerous.

When you are looking for quality then the original HP Laptop Adapter for instance, is the best option for your budget and also for your laptop. As these originals are made to the specification designed by the laptop manufacturer, there is no chance of the HP Compaq NC Adapter damaging your laptop. It will also provide the correct power meaning the laptop will run as it should and the battery will charge properly every time. When you need a quality charger take at look at for your replacement HP Compaq NC6400 Laptop Charger and many more.

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Even Your Netbook With Long Battery Life Needs A Charger

March 19th, 2012

Even the smallest of netbooks with their extra long battery life of up to 10 hours in some cases still need to be charged from time to time. While it may be days in between plugging the Laptop Adapter in from one charge to the next, sure enough it will need to be done at some point. This may be at a time when you really need to access the laptop to get on the internet or to print some documents off.

For fast UK delivery Laptop Power UK can get the job done. Order before 3pm and choose the next working day delivery option and your parcel will arrive in less than 24 hours. We cover thousands of models of laptop including the HP Mini 110 Charger and it is guaranteed for 12 months. Whether you want a spare or whether your old adapter has broken you can find the replacement HP Laptop Adapter you are looking for in minutes and ordering is easy.

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Some HP Laptops Require 120W Of Power – Find The Replacement Here

March 6th, 2012

When a lesser powered HP Laptop Charger just will not do because you need a strong an powerful adapter, visit Laptop Power UK. Alongside the ‘regular 65W and 90W adapters most commonly used on HP laptops, you can also purchase a 120W Laptop Power Supply for when your high end laptop is thirsty for electricity and working to its maximum potential.

This original HP power supply is a lot larger than a 65W adapter as it has to pack more punch to power the laptop. However these high end laptops are usually used by professionals or keen gamers and so they are rarely transported around in a laptop carry case.

We provide a free laptop power cord with each order and a 12 month warranty to back up our claims of tiny failure rates. In fact some reports suggest failures as little as 1 in 1 Million on the high end OEM and original chargers. So it really will be money well spent, purchasing from Laptop Power UK.

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HP 65W and 90W Laptop Chargers With A Free Power Cord From Laptop Power

March 5th, 2012

Many laptops will require slightly different power outputs in order to provide the necessary power to work. The HP range of laptops will commonly require either a 65W or 90W Laptop Power Supply. And this power can be supplied to your laptop with a new HP Original Laptop Adapter bought from Laptop Power UK.

The power requirements of your laptop should be met as closely as possible. If you require a 65W charger, do not try to use a 40W adapter on it. Firstly, the laptop will struggle to work, the battery may not be charged as there is not enough power and the adapter may simply fail after a few minutes as it struggles to provide the requirements.

You can have a slightly higher ampage charger powering the laptop. For instance a 4.74A adapter will work on a laptop that requires 3.9A. This is because not all of the power will be drawn from the adapter. There is a full list of HP laptop models on our website so just search for your HP G61 Laptop Charger to purchase your replacement today.

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Where Can I Buy An Original HP DV6 Laptop Charger?

February 22nd, 2012

Is the question on your lips “Where can I buy a replacement HP DV6 Laptop Charger“? If so, your search is nearly over. If you want to avoid having to trudge down to the local PC store where you will be overcharged for an inferior generic product then the internet provides a wealth of opportunity to grab yourself a bargain. Doing a search for a HP Laptop Charger will bring you right to the website of Laptop Power UK.

Here we stock a laptop charger for practically all HP laptop models going, even the older models and some of the brand new models available. As one of the largest suppliers of replacement Laptop Power Supplies in the UK and Europe, we can bring you the most competitive prices seen in the UK. Whilst the competition may only have a generic option, we at Laptop Power UK stand by our belief in quality and supply brand new original HP branded products instead. With this quality comes  superior satisfaction and perfect laptop charging.

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