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Lenovo and IBM original laptop chargers – a staple replacement part for the professional corporation

January 18th, 2012

It seems like a long time ago since IBM sold its laptop brand to the Chinese company Lenovo. A lot of market commentators thought that this may spell the end for the brand and mark the beginning of a slow but permanent decline. However Lenovo has been highly successful in maintaining the brand as one of the leading corporate laptop brands in many of the UK’s largest companies.

Here at Laptop Power UK when we get orders for IBM laptop chargers and Lenovo laptop chargers, the chances are it will be from a corporate customer or a company IT department. We stock all replacement Lenovo laptop adapters and Lenovo laptop screens, making us the ideal partner for company IT departments and repair centres.

We have thousands of IBM and Lenovo spares in stock in the UK, so we can offer next day delivery times on all parts. We will get the part to you quicker than anyone, and given that all we stock are original parts there is simply no excuse not to use us. Let us help deliver savings and efficiencies to your corporate IT budget. A broken corporate laptop is far more costly than a broken retail laptop. Don’t let your organisation suffer from a build-up of redundant IBM and Lenovo laptops which prevent people from doing their jobs properly. Get the correct and original part from Laptop Power today.

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IBM Thinkpad T60 AC Power Adapter – Original Lenovo means the best quality

June 14th, 2011

The original IBM Thinkpad T60 AC Power Adapter is the only part you should have faith in to do the job properly and safely. As you start to move away from Genuine and OEM products the value of these items falls rapidly – so too does the quality. Your IBM laptop may not be the most stylish on the market in terms of design but nevertheless the input of electricity to it needs to be correct. The best way to ensure this is to get the original IBM Thinkpad Charger of course.

You do not have to search for very long to see that Laptop Power UK is one of the UK’s major on-line stores selling just these parts.  There are no fakes, no cheap versions, just original or OEM manufacturer units – all at discounted prices. But this will not compromise the quality of our customer service or even warranty. We are always happy to help and give you advice no matter what the query. Just call us on 0845 257 7745 for assistance in purchasing your new laptop charger.

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IBM Thinkpad Not Charging – Will a replacement charger fix this?

June 6th, 2011

Is your IBM Thinkpad laptop not charging? Will a new IBM Thinkpad Laptop Charger fix this problem. The answer is, possibly. It can be a number of faults which is stopping the laptop from charging such as a faulty Laptop Charger, a faulty DC socket or a faulty charging circuit in the laptop. The battery life is not infinite either which can mean that after a few years the battery no longer holds sufficient power to be of any substantial use.

Problems such as a faulty battery, DC Socket or charging circuit can be diagnosed by your local repair shop. If you have problems where the light on your charger does not come on or the cables are visibly damaged you can be pretty sure that you will require a new IBM Adapter. These can be found at Laptop Power UK for most makes and models including the IBM Thinkpad N200 Adapter. These original Lenovo chargers are the perfect replacement for anybody wanting the very best quality laptop chargers.

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IBM Lenovo Laptop Chargers – For your business Laptop

April 17th, 2011

IBM have predominantly produced laptops for the business world. Whilst you will have heard the name you may not have seen many of these laptops in the high street. In recent times though they have attempted to gain a foothold in the retail market with a range of laptops for home use. If you have a laptop for business use or you have just acquired a laptop from a family member or friend without the Laptop Power Supply take a few easy steps to get the correct tools to power your laptop.

You do not need to go through a company that specialises in supplying businesses with IT equipment as you will more than likely have to pay their mark up on top of the cost of the items. Come instead direct to source and save your business money and effort. We help you to cut out the middle man and get your new IBM Laptop Chargers and Lenovo Laptop Adapters direct from our UK headquarters.

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Lenovo Ideapad Laptop Adapters – The benefits of buying from Laptop Power UK

March 27th, 2011

When looking on-line for a Replacement Lenovo Ideapad Laptop Adapter there are benefits to be had by buying from Laptop Power UK. The first is the sheer quality of the Laptop Adaptor. As only the best original OEM chargers are sold the failure rate is so small it is almost non existent. You will have this Laptop Charger for a long time to come. The second is our lengthy warranty to cover you for a full year from all manufacturer defects. Peace of mind is valuable when buying on-line. Thirdly our website is created from extensive research to bring you the correct replacement parts for your laptop with as little knowledge required by you to succeed.

Another bonus is our no quibbles return policy. Should you find it is actually your laptop at fault for instance you can return the item to us for a refund. We have a team of experts on hand during office hours to help you to select the correct Lenovo Ideapad B450 Laptop Charger, Lenovo Ideapad S9 Laptop Adapter or Lenovo Ideapad U450 Adaptor. All in all, you may save a little money by buying a very cheap charger but it is guaranteed to be of poor quality and not last. Within weeks or months you will be buying a replacement. Avoid this by coming straight to Laptop Power UK

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IBM Thinkpad Laptop Chargers – Original IBM chargers and more

March 26th, 2011

The IBM laptop is certainly more popular in the States than over here in the UK and generally your IBM laptop will be a few years old when you come to try to find a Replacement Laptop Charger. Do not worry though, just because your laptop is a few years old it does not mean you will not be able to find a suitable Laptop Adapter for it. Take a look on and you will see that there is a huge range of different chargers made specifically for all makes and models of laptop.

This huge range included the IBM Thinkpad Laptop Power Supply. Any model such as IBM Thinkpad C100 Chargers, IBM Thinkpad N200 Laptop Adapters or IBM Thinkpad T60 Laptop Power Supplies are all here. Take a look at the price – you will struggle to find an original IBM Laptop Charger anywhere else for this great price. On top of this comes a lengthy warranty and all the support you need just by calling one of the team. We know what we are doing and can help you to find the exact model of charger required each and every time. You can benefit from Laptop Power UK in so many ways it makes sense to order on-line or call us today.

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IBM Laptop Charger – Find original Lenovo branded chargers here

February 25th, 2011

Some people prefer to purchase original branded items to replace their original lost or faulty items. If this is also the case for you then Laptop Power UK stock Original IBM Laptop Chargers at a vastly reduced rate. The original versions of any Laptop Adapter can be difficult to get hold of, particularly without making a deep dent in your bank account. To avoid paying over the odds you can make a visit to If your IBM Thinkpad R60 Charger, IBM Thinkpad T60 Adapter or IBM Thinkpad W510 Adaptor needs replacing because it is no longer powering your laptop we are guaranteed to have the replacement in stock.

Many Laptop Chargers need to be replaced at some point as unfortunately they usually do not last as long at the laptop itself. Maybe you have lost yours or left it behind on a train and do not know the details of the charger such as the output current. This is not a problem as we have listed the adapter needed by just searching for the model of your laptop. Lost or damaged laptop chargers are widely available at Laptop Power UK so why not order yours now.

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Laptop Power Supply Repair – To Repair or Purchase New?

December 22nd, 2010

Sometimes we see old Laptop Chargers that our customers have attempted to repair. They might have tried to tape up a frayed cable for instance. This may work for a short while but in the long term this can be dangerous and at some point you will certainly need to purchase a replacement. A Laptop Mains Charger is not something that a Laptop Engineer will attempt to fix. As a Laptop Adaptor is a sealed unit and not designed to be ‘repaired’ we always recommend you replace it with a suitable replacement.

We have amassed a wealth of knowledge in the Laptop Mains Lead market through years of researching and generating fantastic supplier links. This is why we are now in a position to be able to offer you the highest quality Laptop Adapters on the market – for all makes of laptop –at brilliant prices. Included in our range is IBM Lenovo ChargersLenovo Ideapad Chargers and IBM Thinkpad Chargers. All you need to do is tell us the model number for instance IBM Lenovo T60 Charger, Lenovo Ideapad S10 Charger, Lenovo N100 Adapter, IBM Thinkpad T61P Charger or IBM Thinkpad X60 Charger. The product you need will then be displayed to allow you to see exactly what you will be purchasing and it will also include all the technical information you will require.

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Original IBM and Lenovo power leads and adapters – A corporate essential

December 4th, 2010

If your company is struggling to source original IBM laptop chargers and Lenovo power adapters, Laptop Power UK is the distributor you have been looking for. Whether you are looking for a single IBM Lenovo T60 charger, or 50 units of the Lenovo N100 adapter - we will be able to supply you.

As well as lightning quick delivery times – often a must in the corporate world – our prices are highly competitive when considering we are supplying 100% genuine OEM IBM chargers and Lenovo laptop power adapters. Other commonly requested parts within this product group include the IBM Thinkpad T61P charger and the IBM Thinkpad X60 adapter.

Our sales team are happy to discuss bulk corporate deals for IT and ICT departments, and of course we are equally responsive when supplying a single laptop charger for a retail end user. If you are after an identical original replacement part for either an IBM Thinkpad laptop charger, or a Lenovo laptop charger - you wont find a better stockist in the UK. Whilst we pride ourselfs on the quality and depth of our supply chains – we think that our customer service and technical advice disseminated by our sales advisors is what really differentiates us – so if you have any questions give us a call.

IBM and Lenovo laptop chargers

IBM and Lenovo laptop chargers

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Looking for an original IBM T60 charger? – Look no further

November 24th, 2010

If you are on the look-out for an original IBM Thinkpad T60 laptop charger replacement, then Laptop Power UK is the website you are looking for. We stock the original IBM T60 laptop adapter, which is supplied with a one year warranty, as well as with a free UK power cord so the laptop power supply comes ready to use.

Laptop Power UK only supply genuine IBM laptop chargers and Lenovo power cables, so when you buy from us you can be assured that the product you receive will be identical to the product you would be supplied from Lenovo themselves. The specification of this particular product is 20v 4.5a, which can be confirmed by reading the technical information on the label of your IBM T60 power charger.

As a company, Laptop Power UK are able to supply single units to retail customers and end-users. However given the corporate environment many IBM machines are used within, we are able to supply in large quantity to corporate customers at discounted prices. If you have a requirement then you can rest assured that the original IBM replacement part will be dispatched to you the very same working day you order if placed before 4pm. If you have any technical questions or queries – dont hessitate to contact our friendly sales team.

IBM Thinkpad T60 laptop charger

IBM Thinkpad T60 laptop charger

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