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How to ensure you get the right replacement part for your laptop first time around

January 12th, 2012

Opening up your laptop seems like an alien concept to most people. A lot of peoples’ relationship with their laptop is very similar to that with their car. In many ways people are equally reliant on their laptops are they are on their car – however when they go wrong many people haven’t got the first clue how to go about servicing it.

Laptops are fortunately a lot more straightforward for the man in the street to repair and maintain. At the end of the day if you need a new part for your laptop, the key is to make sure you identity the manufacturing part number on the part that needs replacing. Whether you need a new laptop screen or a new laptop battery – the sure fire way to make sure you get the correct part first time is to get the part number off the faulty product. The manufacturing part number is the unique identifier of the replacement part and this will avoid disappointment.

The part number off laptop chargers are easy enough to read off the adapter label (but make sure you have your reading glasses on since the writing is very small). If you are looking for a replacement laptop screen, it is always advisable to take out the damaged screen of the laptop first and record the part number off the back of it. The same applies if you are looking to source a new laptop battery – take the old one out first and record the part number off it. Then the next bit is the easy bit. Either go onto the Laptop Power UK site and search by this part number. Or if you feel as though you need your hand holding, give us a call and let us take care of the rest.

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Samsung can now sell its Galaxy in Germany – but laptop chargers have never been a problem

January 5th, 2012

Tech followers will have noticed the recent decision by the German courts to allow the Samsung galaxy to be sold in Germany. It marks the latest twist in a long-running and bitter saga between Apple and Samsung. It also reflects a growing trend in the tech industry with what people are beginning to call ‘patent wars’.  Many tech commentators have noticed many takeovers and acquisitions being driven more by the desire to secure valuable technology patents rather than for more general business considerations. The trouble and inconvenience Apple have been able to cause Samsung through the courts is a reminder of the value of a broad patent.

The best known and most restrictive patent is the Amazon ‘1-click’ patent, also known as ‘the notorious patent’. Fortunately for consumers, the number of patents held relating to laptop spare parts such as laptop batteries, laptop screens and laptop chargers is more limited. Laptop screens for example are manufactured by other large Taiwanese companies such as AUO and CMO which limits the intellectual property the OEMs have in this area and their ability to restrict the aftermarket. The same applies in laptop chargers and adapters (whose manufacturers are Delta Electronics and Liteon) and laptop batteries (whose OEM producers are Simplo and Dynapack). These arrangements whilst seeming inconsequential, allow premium companies such as Laptop Power UK to be able to supply the public with a full range of original spare parts for laptops, as opposed to having to overpay by going direct to restrictive high street brands.

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Laptop Parts– For all your Business and Home Computing Needs

November 24th, 2010

With an ever growing portfolio of Business Clients who require laptop support including Laptop Mains Power Leads, Laptop Screens and Corporate Computer Maintenance, Laptop Power UK is ideally suited to assist your business.

As well as offering support to our Business clients we cater extensively for your home computing needs. All our Laptop Mains Leads, Laptop Power Chargers, Replacement Laptop Screens and repair works come with our extensive warranty. You can be sure that any IT equipment or maintenance works provided by us will be of the highest standard.

We can provide original OEM Toshiba Satellite Chargers, Acer Aspire Adapters and Dell Vostro Chargers amongst many many more. Our superb turnaround times on both parts and Corporate Computer Contracts is unsurpassed and can make all the difference ensuring your vital piece of IT equipment is back up and running with minimal fuss and cost. We will typically only have your business laptop for 48 hours before it is back with you, doing the job it was designed for. For further information please call our sales line.

Laptop Power UK - The UKs leading laptop parts distributor

Laptop Power UK - The UK's leading laptop parts distributor

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Acer Aspire 5315 Sales Strong

October 2nd, 2010

When Acer released the 5315 laptop few would have thought it would have been as popular as it has proved to be. With strong global sales of this laptop it is one of the most successful product from Acer. Acer have been making huge inroads into the European laptop market – even if they are still to crack the USA. Acer is slowly becoming a household name with the likes of sponsoring of Ferrari raising brand awareness.

The Acer Aspire 5315 is highly recommended by Laptop Power UK and we stock the chargers and screens for this model. If you need any help with selecting your Acer laptop model charger then please let us know, or if you need the 5315 model, then please click below and you can checkout on our user friendly website.

We have found that replacement spare parts for the Aspire 5315 are in demand, especially the power cables for this notebook. So if your notebook adapter has just broken, or if you have been experiencing problems for a while start your search for a new one with Laptop Power UK today.

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Is there any reason why laptop adapters are so expensive on the high street?

September 13th, 2010

Well, the short answer is yes – but not reasons you would be happy with. Basically high street retailers have taken the lazy option when it comes to supplying laptop chargers. There are loads and loads of different types of laptop adapters - with different manufacturers on the most part using a laptop charger specification that is unique to their company. In other words Sony laptop chargers are only able to be used on Sony laptops, and Samsung laptop adapters can only be used on Samsung machines.

What the high street stores are doing is suppying just one universal laptop charger. Since the universal charger has lots of different tips included in it – most of which will never be used – these adapters are very expensive. Laptop Power UK has built a business up out of accurately identifying and supplying the exact laptop charger your laptop needs. This keeps costs down, tends to be a more smaller, lighter and more power eifficent unit – and there is a lot less to go wrong with it than these over-engineered universal units.

When it comes to laptop power adaptors, noboby knows more about this industry than Laptop Power UK. With a team of technically trained sales staff, if you have a question you would prefer answered over the phone – give us a call.

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A simple answer to your laptop adapter problems

August 8th, 2010

We have all heard the saying ‘everyone is human,no one is perfect’,yet we are still annoyed with ourselves from time to time when we make a mistake.It’s impossible to live life without making mistakes yet it’s how we learn from it that counts and to make sure we don’t make the same mistake again.The most common mistake we all do with our sony laptop charger is that we carelessly yank it out from the plug whenever when get the pop up notice telling us that our laptops fully charged. The majority of the time we even do this without switching off the power at the plug. This has a detrimental effect on the junction where your charging cables are connected to the three pin. When you repeatedly tug at the plug, the contacts enclosed within the closed three pin plug become slack,causing the constant and correct voltage supply to your laptop to be interrupted. The worst possible scenario may even involve you getting an electric shock when the metallic strings become exposed.

To make sure this never happens to you,you must switch off the power at the plug before you carefully pull out the plug.Low quality laptop adapters may make you more susceptible to cases like these and may be more vulnerable to having disruptions in the voltage supply to your laptop.Therefore its important you purchase off a reliable supplier such as Laptop Power UK so you know the products you are buying are nothing but quality.Even if this unfortunate event happens to you it’s vital your replacement laptop power adapter is from a supplier you can trust.

Laptop Power UK offers its customers a wide range of chargers such as the acer aspire 3680 charger, the compaq c700 charger and the dell latitude E6400 adapter.With our rapid delivery times you can be assured your replacement charger will be with you at the quickest possible time,meaning you won’t be left stressing and worrying you have been ripped off,whilst possessing a useless,battery dead laptop.

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Working From Home with Laptop Power UK

July 27th, 2010

Working at home has its benefits, no mundane conversations with workmates, no eating in a grimy break room and then there’s the added bonus of not having anyone looking over your shoulder for the day, you’re your own boss!  For some, working from home can be as simple as taking home some papers or folders, locking themselves in a home office and getting to work. For others it can be a little more involved, especially when you need your home computer to link up to the office. It’s a little more complicated than plugging in your DA90PE1-00 charger and getting your head down. First of all there’s often system requirements that need to be met in order to stay connected to the office. Then there’s the issue of finding a workspace quiet enough to avoid distractions, much as it may seem like heaven to work in front o the TV surrounded by biscuits, with an endless supply of tea and coffee, it turns out there’s a reason your workplace is so devoid of widescreen TVs and games consoles… sadly it keeps you focussed.

So if you’re someone who often logs into your work from home, you can’t afford to lose any time to a broken laptop ac adapter and a damaged hp mini netbook screens could mean having to traipse into the office regardless of what you’d planned for the day. When you need to keep your home office functioning at maximum capacity, Laptop Power UK are the best place to look for your laptop screen replacement or your dell latitude D505 charger. We’re like the nation’s IT department, except if you call Laptop Power UK, we won’t tell you to turn it off and on again. IN fact, we’re more likely to point you in the direction of our fantastic range of Laptop Replacement parts. We’ve got the most comprehensive selection of laptop adaptors and laptop screens you’ll find anywhere on the web with prices that’ll help you maximise profits for your ‘branch’ and maybe afford some better quality teabags?

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Hitting the Pay-wall

July 15th, 2010

Pay Wall. It’s a term that strikes fear into some, inspires vitriol in others and to a certain corner of the internet it just reeks of desperation and deserves nothing but ridicule. Anyone who follows developments online will have heard by now that the Times have introduced a pay wall for their website TimesOnline. It’s a bold move and it’s certainly generated a lot of controversy and comment. Other news outlets scoff at the thought of it but Rupert Murdoch and News International have pulled off similar tricks in the past with Pay Per View TV and cable subscription services.

Move with the Times?

But can the same old tricks work on the internet? It’s a completely different medium from publishing and television, and people don’t feel the same way about paying to read articles on their laptop screens in 2010 as they did about paying to read something on paper in 1990. It’s tough to charge for something that people can get for cheaper (or free) elsewhere. Take laptop adapters and chargers; now that we can compare prices at the touch of a button, it makes no sense to pay more for a high quality sony vaio vgn-nw11s adapter or a li shin ac adaptor when you can get it cheaper elsewhere.

At Laptop Power UK we understand that the internet is the most competitive marketplace that’s ever existed and that there’s no pulling the wool over our customers eyes when it comes to laptop adaptors and laptop lcd screens that’s why we offer the highest quality merchandise at the best prices around with delivery options to suit any timescale or budget. If the pay-wall works for the Times it could change the way we pay for news online, but you can guarantee that at Laptop Power UK you’ll always get the best prices for the best products.

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Laptop Power UK – Supporting Podcast-ers and Podcast-ees

July 10th, 2010

We’ve talked a lot about the morning commute at Laptop Power UK. We’ve discussed how the laptop has transformed a train (or even bus) journey by letting you plug your toshiba laptop ac adapter or samsung r60 plus power supply into one of the much-coveted ‘table seats’ to help get some work done, or even just keep yourself distracted from the noise of someone loudly making an inane phone call about something apparently very important.

One thing we’ve neglected to mention is the importance of Podcasts to people on the go. No doubt many of our customers are owners of iPods and MP3 playing devices and no doubt those devices have at least one or two podcasts on them for a particularly dull journey. The sound of some form of friendly banter can make a bus ride through heavy traffic seem a little shorter or a walk home in the dark seem a little less lonely. Perhaps we’ve even got customers who make their own podcasts! It certainly doesn’t take much to record your own show these days, in fact the ‘Collings and Herrin Podcast’ is recorded weekly with just the use of a laptop microphone and has attracted thousand of listeners and subscribers. So it goes without saying if you are using your laptop for recording, you probably want to keep a dell inspiron 6000 charger to hand or risk losing 45 minutes of discussion on football tactics, Russian literature or classic movies.

Thankfully for anyone podcasting or just listening, Laptop Power UK always keep a full stock of the UK’s best selection of laptop adaptors and replacement parts. We also offer a massive range of laptop lcd screens  with handy hints on how to install them. So don’t let a broken acer aspire 5715z screen or a faulty sony vaio vgn-nr38e charger get in the way of your podcasting, head over to Laptop Power UK for the best value laptop chargers on the internet.

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Delivery Abroad from Laptop Power UK

June 30th, 2010

We’ve written before about the trials and tribulations of taking your laptop abroad on holiday or with work and in most of those cases, both laptop and owner are only out of the UK for a matter of days or weeks. But what if you’re going to be out of the country for a considerable amount of time and your 6720s power supply breaks or you find yourself with a cracked laptop screen?

It’s a common situation for a number of our customers. Many people either work abroad for elongated periods of time or have to spend long stretches in Europe visiting relatives or studying. Though portable, laptops are still subject to wear and tear when travelling, the screens in particular so discovering a cracked laptop screen whilst you’re in a foreign land is never a pleasant experience.  It can seem daunting to try and find a computer or electronics store in France to hunt down a toshiba equium a100-027 adaptor at short notice especially i you’re not fluent in the language.

Contentment on the Continent

That’s why Laptop Power UK offer delivery to Europe on all of our products at prices that will help you make saving even outside of the UK. Also if you order from us, you won’t have to worry about buying a sony vaio vgn-ns20e charger with a European plug socket and then returning to the UK with a charger that won’t plug in. We offer the best selection of products so if you’re looking to buy laptop battery chargers or find a laptop screen replacement in Europe, Laptop Power UK should be the first place you look.

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