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Buying For Your School IT Department? Send Us A Purchase Order

May 23rd, 2012

Laptop Power UK are one of the largest suppliers to educational establishments throughout the country. We are well versed in the requirements of schools and have a large range of stock including Laptop Chargers, Laptop Screens and Laptop Batteries. In fact, all of the most common faults that occur with laptop hardware include these three parts. Particularly in a school environment where the wear and tear on laptops is amplified with class after class all working away on the laptop.

If your school needs to order replacement parts for your IT department, Laptop Power UK will accept all official purchase orders. If you need a bulk purchase, just get in touch to enquire about any discounts which may be available. We will dispatch immediately with 30 day terms and VAT invoices will be provided for your records. With such high demand for replacement laptop parts from schools, Laptop Power UK can bring you original and OEM equipment that will suit your budget.

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Laptop Power UK – The ideal company for the non-technical laptop user

January 30th, 2012

Ecommerce is great and it is on the rise. More and more people did on Christmas shopping online, with an ever greater proportion of pounds spent being done so through the computer. This is great for books, DVDs and for some people even for clothes. However when it comes to looking for a spare part for your laptop, here at Laptop Power UK, we realise many people will be in unchartered territory.

We consider it our job to not only provide our customers with the very best replacement laptop chargers and laptop batteries available on the market, but also to make the buying process as clear, obvious and confusion-free as possible. We have tried to set out our website in a very logical and easy to use fashion. However if anything is not clear, then as a UK based company with UK-based sales staff, you can give us a call or an email at any time if you get stuck.

This applies not only pre-sales but also after-sales. We understand some customers are going to need that little bit of extra help getting hold of the correct laptop adapter, or understanding how to get the optimal charging cycle out of their replacement laptop battery. All our contact details are clearly displayed on our website – so we aren’t going anywhere!

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The death of the computer fair – a slow but permanent change

January 26th, 2012

There have been a lot of reports recently about the ‘hollowing out’ of the UK high street. With brands such as Barretts, Thorntons and HMV all calling in the administrators or reporting dire trading figures, people are beginning to question the future of the UK high street. Indeed with one in every ten pounds now being spent online and with this being projected to grow to two pounds in every ten pounds, it is a good time to question the future of the UK retail sector.

When it comes to the laptop parts industry exactly the same trends are occurring, albeit more quickly. Ten years ago the computer fair was a significant local event, often held on a Sunday in the local sports hall. It is likely that if you used to have a fair operating near to you, you will no longer find it running. As with general retail, the pressure being put on these fairs by online sellers has been tremendous.

The sourcing of laptop parts is now almost exclusively done online. With better choice, cheaper prices, more convenience and more information people have turned their backs on computer fairs. Ebay has been a huge driving force behind this, however many independent websites have sprung up to service this demand. Laptop Power UK is the leading laptop spares distributor with next day deliveries offered on all laptop chargers, laptop batteries, laptop screens and laptop keyboards purchased from our online store.

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Don’t wait in a telephone queue – Speak to us directly

April 29th, 2011

Is there anything worse than phoning a company and having to wait on hold for what seems like an eternity, just to speak to a human being. We don’t think there is, so when you call Laptop Power UK to make an enquiry or to place an order for a Laptop Charger you get straight through to one of our team without hanging on the line or having to go through different menus to speak to the right person.

When you want to speak to somebody straight away regarding a problem trying to find the correct replacement charger or for help with a query give our experts a call. We are always happy to help. It does not matter whether you need a Dell Laptop Charger or HP Laptop Charger because we know everything there is to know about adapters. As the UK’s biggest and best seller of these products we also know quality. All of the items we stock are original OEM manufacturer units because there is no substitute for quality.

You should not have to keep buying replacement adapters for your laptop time and time again so with one purchase from Laptop Power UK you can resolve your laptop power issues and never have to buy another for the lifetime of the laptop. To speak to a human being right here in the UK, call 0845 257 7745

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School Laptop Supplies – Source replacement parts cheaply from Laptop Power UK

February 10th, 2011

If you are in charger of your Schools’ Laptops and are always on the look out for a better, more cost effective solution to sourcing Replacement Laptop Parts, Laptop Power UK holds the answer. We provide many Schools throughout the UK with genuine OEM Replacement Laptop Adapters, Replacement Laptop Screens and even School Laptop Repairs. All of our equipment meets the highest safety standards and comes from the top manufacturers based in the Far East. Our stock levels and range ensures that no matter what make of laptop your School has, we will have the parts ready to be shipped to you with next day delivery. There is no minimum order level so whether you only need one unit or one hundred we will always provide you with our best price and same exacting standards.

Should you require School Laptop Repairs we are able to offer this with a 24 or 48 hour turnaround depending on the job. We understand the rigours a School laptop faces and the need to get it back up and running swiftly. Purchase orders are more than welcome and can be faxed through to us for immediate dispatch with 30 day terms. If you would like to discuss further what we can do for your School or a quote on some parts or repairs we are available Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm or visit us at

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Laptop Parts – For all your Computing Needs

November 12th, 2010

With a wide range of trade and corporate clients, Laptop Power UK is pushing the envelope of what people expect from a Laptop Repair service. Whether you require Laptop Mains Power Leads, Laptop Screens and Corporate Computer Maintenance we have the answer to your problems.

As well as offering support to our Business and trade clients we cater extensively for your home computing needs. All our Laptop Mains Leads, Laptop Power Chargers, Replacement Laptop Screens and repair works come with our extensive warranty. You can be sure that any IT equipment or maintenance works provided by us will be of the highest standard.

So whether you need original replacement Laptop Adapters, for your Compaq Presario CQ35 charger, an Acer Replacement Screen or DC Socket repairs call our hotline or visit our Liverpool Laptop Repair Shop. Our superb turnaround times on both parts and Corporate Computer Contracts is unsurpassed and can make all the difference ensuring your vital piece of IT equipment is back up and running with minimal fuss and cost.

replacement laptop chargers

replacement laptop chargers

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Laptop Spares – For all your Business and Home Computing Needs

November 2nd, 2010

We are rapidly expanding our portfolio of Business Clients who require laptop support including Laptop Mains Power Leads, Laptop Screens and Corporate Computer Maintenance.

As well as offering support to our Business clients we cater extensively for your home computing needs. All our Laptop Mains Leads, Laptop Power Chargers, Replacement Laptop Screens and repair works come with our extensive warranty. You can be sure that any IT equipment or maintenance works provided by us will be of the highest standard.

We can provide original OEM Dell Latitude Chargers right through to high end Sony Vaio VGN-NR38E adapters. Our superb turnaround times on both parts and Corporate Computer Contracts is unsurpassed and can make all the difference ensuring your vital piece of IT equipment is back up and running with minimal fuss and cost.

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Advent laptop spares

October 15th, 2010

If you are looking to repair your Advent laptop economically, then Laptop Power UK, as the UK’s pre-eminent distributor of laptop parts to the end user will be able to help. Our products include Advent laptop chargers, Advent laptop screens, Advent keyboards and Advent laptop batteries.

If you need any assistance to locate the part you require don’t hesitate to give our sales hotline a call, or drop us an email. We pride ourselves on the efficiency of our distribution of Advent spare parts and we have helped countless customers to economically fix their Advent laptop.

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Laptop Power UK – Giving you control over your life

August 9th, 2010

There’s nothing worse than having a low battery notice pop up flashing and finding out your laptop charger suddenly isn’t working.This can be especially frustrating if we have allocated a specific time to sit down and do some work.Sometimes its better to focus intensely for a short period of time and get all your work done quickly,so you can spend any remaining time of your weekend/holiday enjoying the finer things in life.An unreliable,cheap laptop mains charger is more prone to ruining your spare time plans as its more likely to disrupt your work patterns when you least expect.Not only can this be stressful and annoying at the time but it has a knock on effect with the other things you had planned.Keep a spare laptop adapter on hand instead,so if your ever taken by surprise and your charger suddenly breaks then you’re always prepared.Don’t let work control you life!

With products from Laptop Power UK you know exactly what you are getting.We have built up a strong,national reputation of supplying products of the very best quality at prices none of our competitors can match.If our word or reputation doesn’t convince you then maybe our 12month free warranty on all our products should.Chargers of our quality shouldn’t just stop working randomly and on the very rare occasion they do then you have our 12month free warranty to act as a safety net.

You will always find what you are looking for at Laptop Power UK.We stock the vast majority of power adapters for laptops including ranges from the big brands includings samsung chargers and sony chargers,as well as chargers from smaller brands such as Emachines chargers.It’s not worth going through the stress and wasting money on inferior products that are inevitably going to let you down in only a matter of time.With Laptop Power UK you get a name and reputation you can trust.

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Laptop Power UK – Saving you from the typical laptop charger problems

August 7th, 2010

At Laptop Power UK we want to make our customers well aware of the most common laptop charger problems that they can experience.This way you can look out for it and be prepared if it unfortunately every happens to you.Laptop adapters can initially start charging your laptop,to then only begin a stop and start process.This can leave you feeling very frustrated as your laptop remains completely drained from any energy and therefore useless.Not only can this cause you to be unable to work but it can also mean that you are left trying to work out why this is suddenly occurring.Whats even worse in this case is that it’s like an emotional rollercoaster,with you one moment thinking that your laptops charging and everythings fine,to the next seeing that the improvement you are seeing is only temporary and it’s still broken.

Don’t worry if this ever occurs to you as we can assure you it’s a common problem,especially among poor quality chargers.Laptop Power UK only supplies chargers of the very highest quality meaning that if you purchase your products from us then the risk of experiencing such events like this would certainly not be as high.All our products come with a free 12month warranty,not only emphasising our confidence in the quality of our products but also meaning that even if you are very unfortunate and this occurs,then it won’t mean you have to spend even more money on the same problem.

We stock a vast variety of replacement laptop power adapters that stretch from the dell 630m charger, to the hp 432309-001 adapter and even includes the Samsung 520 charger.With our dispatch times being the quickest in the industry we can assure you that your laptop will be up and running efficiently and effectively in only a minimal amount of time.

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