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The idiots guide to getting the correct replacement laptop charger

January 13th, 2012

Whilst we are not suggesting readers of this blog are idiots, here in this blog we try to give people a quick rundown of the steps to follow to make sure you get the correct laptop adapter. It doesn’t matter whether you are after a Fujitsu-Siemens laptop charger, a Medion Akoya laptop adapter or a Samsung power supply the same rules apply.

Step 1: Check firstly that it is indeed your laptop charger that needs replacing. Many people go about sourcing a new laptop adapter when in fact there is a different problem with their laptop. Check whether the laptop charger is giving an output on a voltmeter. Another tell-tale sign of a faulty laptop power supply is a green LED power light that no longer comes on.

Step 2: Find out the exact make and model number of your laptop. This is best done by turning your laptop or notebook upside down and recording the precise manufacturing number. Once you have this then you can search on this model number within the Laptop Power UK search box.

Step 3: Check the specification of the laptop charger presented against the one suggested by the Laptop Power UK website. The voltage, amps and pin size of your previous laptop power cable should match those on the product our website suggests. If you don’t have your old laptop adapter then don’t worry. Our databases ensure you will be sent the correct product first time around.

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Replacement Laptop Chargers – All makes, all models and all specifications

June 12th, 2011

Laptop Chargers – also sometimes called laptop adapters are the vital piece of your laptop that keeps it all working. The internal batteries in your laptop are only designed to hold a few hours charge. If your laptop is a couple of years old, the life may only be an hour if you are lucky. Within Laptop Power UK we stock all of the many different varieties of laptop chargers for all makes and models of laptop.

Your new laptop power supply will come in different sizes from small HP Mini Adapters to large 120W HP HDX X18 Chargers. These become larger the more power you need for your laptop. We have all power rating available from 30W to 120W and everything in between. It is important to get the right amount of power to your laptop as if you plug an underpowered power supply into your laptop, the adapter will break very quickly as it bears extra strain.

Some brands such as Sony generally use only one specific type of adapter, some such as Acer may use two or more different types. Our database tells you exactly which one to avoid any confusion and your laptop can be easily found with our search function. The power rating and also size and an image of the tip will be displayed to match up to your old laptop adapter.

There may be a couple of options in terms of the size of your tip also. With exactly the same power, the only difference in the different adapters may be the inner and outer diameter of the power supply. Common sizes include 5.5mm outer diameter and 2.5mm inner diameter or 4.8mm by 1.7mm. Small differences but enough to stop it fitting if you get the wrong one for your laptop.

With excellent knowledge and great customer support we can offer you the very best products with the minimum fuss. All products come with a 12 month warranty and a free UK power cord. You can order on line or call our Laptop Power UK saless team for same day dispatch.

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Rock Pegasus Laptop Power Supplies – You can have a replacement tomorrow!

April 29th, 2011

As with all laptop manufacturers, if you visit the official website you can find Replacement Laptop Adapters amongst other replacement parts such as batteries, keyboards and more. However, doing this through the official channel means you will pay a premium. This premium can amount to a lot of money, just because you chose to buy through a specific website instead of searching around for a better deal.

At Laptop Power UK we offer just that – a better deal on all Rock Pegasus Laptop Power Supplies! What does your better deal give you. Firstly the replacement will not be just a generic, cheaply manufactured laptop charger, it will be a genuine OEM branded adaptor. Simply put, the build quality is second to none and this means that the laptop charger will stand the test of time and everything you can throw at it.

Secondly the price is guaranteed to be cheaper than that on the manufacturers website. We can even deliver to you the next working day. To find an on-line store that is not only cheaper but also offers replacement Rock Laptop Chargers that are equal to if not better quality than the adaptor your laptop originally came with is no mean feat so don’t delay, order your replacement today!

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Delta Laptop Adapters – For Acer, Advent and many more

March 20th, 2011

Some Laptop Power Supplies can be used on a number of laptops. As manufacturers have similar requirements for the power supply in their laptops you can find a popular, quality charger that will do the job that your previous charger failed to do. Delta Laptop Chargers are probably the very best Laptop Adapters in the world today and can be bought at incredibly low prices from Laptop Power UK. This is the equivalent of buying the laptop branded original which came with the laptop when you got it from the shop.

Delta laptop chargers are the original parts used by the likes of Dell, Acer and HP but re-branded with a different label. So instead of paying a lot of money for a charger just for the label come to for your replacement Delta ADP-65DB (for Acer), Delta ADP-65DB (for Advent) or Delta ADP-65DB (for Fujitsu-Siemens). We can get it to you in a hurry if you are desperate to get your laptop working again and we offer a helpful support service, 12 months warranty and no quibbles returns policy. You can speak to one of our team during office hours by calling 0845 257 7745.

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Laptop Power Supply – Easy to find replacements all on one website

March 14th, 2011

If you are currently experiencing Laptop Power Supply issues there is a website you can visit to find all makes and models of Laptop Charger. For all your requirements go to We have all kinds of laptop charger in stock and dispatch to you very quickly to allow you to use your laptop again in record time. If your laptop is new on the market, that is not a problem. We are guaranteed to have the laptop adapter you need. Even if your laptop is a few years old and are struggling to find the correct replacement, you will see a part from our extensive range that is sure to fit.

You can search from our stock by charger part number or laptop model number. Use our menu to find the Dell Inspiron 1521 Adapter, HP Compaq CQ60 Charger or Acer Aspire 5310 Charger you are looking for. The part you find will show you all of the relevant information you need such as the size of the tip that plugs into your laptop and the wattage. With this information you can be sure to get the correct item and be sure not to overpower or underpower your laptop and that the tip will fit in nicely. If you need any help, just give us a call on 0845 257 7745 with either your laptop or old charger to hand to answer the questions we will ask.

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Laptop Plugged In But Not Charging – Possible Faults with your Laptop Power Supply

December 14th, 2010

Do you have an issue with your Laptop Adapter not charging your Laptop? You are not alone – this can be a very common issue. A Laptop Charger will only have a certain lifespan. If you use it frequently there is a good chance it will need to be replaced earlier than one that is not used very often. Perhaps the cable has become frayed or the tip looks like it has been damaged in some way. Whatever the cause, the solution will be to purchase a new Laptop Power Supply. There are many sellers of Laptop Mains Cables and Laptop Adapters but not all will be the same quality as you would hope to receive.

That is where Laptop Power UK are here to help. We stock the best quality, original Laptop Chargers and provide a 12 month warranty with all items sold. Covering a huge range of chargers including Dell Inspiron Chargers, Acer Aspire Chargers and Toshiba Satellite Chargers all you need to do is visit our website or call our sales hotline. Just tell us the make and model – for instance Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pi2515 Charger, Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Li2727 Charger, Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pro V3515 Charger, Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Li1705 Charger. All items will be dispatched the same day when ordered before 3.30pm

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Laptop Power Supply Hot – The Cause and the Solution

November 23rd, 2010

Does your Laptop Mains Charger overheat? You may notice that when plugged in, your HP G70 Charger or Toshiba Satellite A200 Charger gets hot. Will this cause any issues? In most instances any Laptop AC Charger will become hot during prolonged use. It doesn’t matter whether it is a Samsung laptop Charger or a HP Probook Charger. This is a simply a feature of your Laptop Power Unit working to provide charge to the laptop.

So some heat from the Laptop Power charger is normal but what if you were worried by this as it seems excessively hot? The first thing you should do is unplug the charger. Allow it to cool and take it to your local repair shop with your laptop. There they would be able to tell you whether your Laptop Power Adaptor was indeed faulty or if it was just a natural part of its operation. Sometimes the heat may be caused by your charger shorting in the DC Socket. If unfortunately you do require a new Laptop Battery Charger then visit our homepage where you can start the easy to use menu to quickly and accurately source your brand new Replacement Laptop Charger.

A solution to an overheating laptop charger

A solution to an overheating laptop charger

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Laptop Power Supply Replacement – Common Faults and fixes

November 20th, 2010

A very common fault that laptop owners find is that eventually their laptop charger or notebook charger fails to charge their laptop.  We understand how frustrating it can be when your Philips Freevents X59 adapter or Advent 7201 Charger just seems to have stopped working.

The tendency will be to purchase a replacement Phillips Freevents Charger or an Advent laptop charger; however this may not always be the problem.  A simple voltmeter test can determine whether your laptop power supply is producing an output. If it seems to be OK you may have an issue with your DC Socket. This will prevent the charge from going from your Laptop AC Adapter to the charging circuit.  If this is the case you will need a replacement DC socket repair. The good news is that once fixed your laptop AC adapter will then successfully charge your laptop.

Laptop Power Supply replacements

Laptop Power Supply replacements

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Universal Laptop Power Supply – Your Universal Laptop Solution

November 11th, 2010

As one of the most common parts to break on a laptop, the Laptop Adapter is something that at some point you will probably need to find a replacement for. One solution is to purchase a Universal Laptop Adapter. This unit will come with a selection of removable tips that can be interchanged depending on the laptop you are using it on. The beauty of this is that one moment you could be using the Laptop AC Charger as a Compaq CQ60 Charger and then as Samsung R530 Charger. It is able to power all the laptops in your household or office.

All our chargers come with a 12 month warranty and we can even get the item to you within 24 hours should you need it urgently. To purchase your Universal Laptop Adapter visit our website and choose Universal in our drop down menus. Your order can be completed within moments and will be swiftly dispatched. For further information call our sales hotline.

universal laptop chargers

universal laptop chargers

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Liteon Laptop Power Supply – Ultimate power and portability

November 7th, 2010

Liteon are one of the worlds leading manufacturers of Consumer Electronics. Based in Taiwan with 35,000 worldwide employees and with revenue of 7 Billion USD in 2005 the figures speak for themselves. With unparalleled quality Laptop-Power UK is proud to offer our customers our comprehensive 12 month warranty on all Liteon Notebook Chargers.

One of the most common Liteon Chargers is currently use for Acer laptops. So when you purchase an original Acer Travelmate Charger or Acer Extensa Charger from us you will receive a branded Acer Laptop AC Adapter with quality Liteon Components.

 We can offer exceptional prices for these original branded products so don’t wait until your old Laptop Power Pack breaks, why not have a spare that can be used from the office, your weekend getaway or simply to keep in your laptop bag. You will never need to be without your laptop again. No more searching for your Laptop Power Lead, no more missed deadlines. Have your Acer Aspire 5310 charger or Acer Travelmate 8371 Adapter on hand to ensure you keep your finger on the pulse.

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