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Liverpool laptop screen replacements – Whilst you wait in store

January 24th, 2012

Laptop screens very rarely fail technically, but more likely get damaged by the user. Common signs of laptop screen damage are bleeding of the liquid crystal behind the screen, vertical or horizontal lines running down the screen or banding on the panel. If a laptop screen is simply dim or dull, then it is more likely that the laptop screen is not faulty and a separate part call the screen inverter needs to be replaced.

At our Liverpool computer repair store, laptop screens can be fitted whilst customers wait. We can honestly say that residents of Liverpool won’t get their laptop screen replaced quicker anywhere else in the world. We hold a huge range of screens in store unlike the majority of other Liverpool computer shops to allow us to make sure Laptop Power UK customers are the best served in the area.

If you would like us to give you a free quote bring your laptop down to the Asda Hunts Cross Retail Park and we will give you a quote there and then. We can have the new screen in your laptop to take away with you and you can even get a bit of shopping down whilst our technicians perform the repair for you. Now that’s what we call fast and efficient!

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Laptop Screen repairs and replacements – Affordable solutions to Christmas accidents

January 9th, 2012

It is no surprise to find out that the sale of replacement laptop screens goes through the roof this time of year. All the family gets together for a great Christmas time and New Year. All the kids are running around with their new presents. Adults are drinking more than they normally do and probably should. It is a recipe for broken laptop screens and cracked netbook screens.

Whether your laptop screen has been damaged after being knocked off the end of the sofa, or somebody has picked the laptop up by its panel and put their thumb through the screen, Laptop Power UK is the country’s leading supplier of replacement laptop screens.

These days most people are pleasantly surprised how cheap a new laptop screen is. It is almost always more economic to perform the repair as opposed to getting a new laptop. However care needs to be taken and a professional distributor is required  – that’s why we are here!!

As you might expect there are literally hundreds of different types of laptop screens. Whether you need an HP laptop screen, a Dell laptop panel or a Toshiba Satellite laptop screen matters, since it is more than likely they all need different screens. Laptop Power UK are experts in this field and it is our job to make sure you get the correct laptop screen at the first time of asking. Don’t forget we are only a phone call or an email away!

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How A Faulty Laptop Screen Looks

December 1st, 2011

There are always some tell tale signs that will indicate a Laptop Screen is faulty. If your laptop has been dropped and there now appears to be a large crack running through the panel then of course you have broken it. Similarly, if the panel appears to have water marks or blotches concentrated around a certain area this may be an indication that the Liquid Crystal Display has been damaged and is now leaking.

Another sign of damage is a flickering of the image or various colours appearing on screen when they shouldn’t. The main cause of panel damage is normally through some kind of impact i.e dropping the laptop on the floor, closing the lid on something or something striking the screen.

Whilst some may claim they can repair a screen, it is normally easier, quicker and cheaper to consider a Laptop Screen Replacement either by doing it yourself or by taking the laptop to a professional. At Laptop Power UK you can find Laptop Screen Fitting Instructions for our laptop screens and if you get in touch you can speak to one of our customer service team regarding anything from the order process to the fitting of the panel.

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Laptop Screen Inverter Repairs from Laptop Power UK

July 12th, 2011

When your laptop seems to turn on correctly and the power lights come on but nothing is displayed on the screen, the immediate conclusion is that the Laptop Screen has some kind of fault. Sometimes this is true but not in all instances. Do a little check first. Turn your laptop on and wait for it to boot up. You should hear the noise the laptop makes as a ‘welcome’. Once this has been heard, look very closely at the laptop display for a very faint image amongst the darkness. If you can vaguely make something out amidst the darkness, then believe it or not, your laptop screen is OK.

Laptop Power UK specialise in Laptop Screen Repairs such as this and can diagnose these faults within moments. The issue you are witnessing is called and ‘Inverter Fault’. The reason the image is very faint is because of this faulty inverter. A small strip of electronics board about the length and width of a pencil that sits just below your laptop screen, the inverter provides the power to the screen which lights it. Varying currents from the inverter change the colours of the image on screen. A simple repair to swap out this part is all that is needed and it is also very reasonably priced. Call in store for a quote for your inverter repair.

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Is a Laptop Screen Replacement Easy? – We think so and will help you along the way

April 27th, 2011

Because you can easily find shops selling Replacement Laptop Screens does this mean that is is easy to do yourself? We think so and so do many others because otherwise you would just not be able to find the parts you need. You will struggle to find a kit of surgeons tools on-line because you should not be doing this at home – whereas the parts needed to fix your faulty Laptop Screen are readily available.

What do you do once your laptop screen has arrived safely packaged with a courier service from Laptop Power UK? You start to take the laptop screen apart to remove the old panel and fit the new one. For Laptop Screen Fitting Instructions with pictures showing you each step choose any screen on our website then click the fitting instructions icon. By following these simple steps you can easily replace your faulty laptop screen without ever having done one before. Have a look on-line for a HP Laptop Screen or Toshiba Laptop Screen at a low price and high quality.

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Replacement Laptop Screens delivered the very next day

April 21st, 2011

When your laptop is broken and you use it very frequently you will no doubt want to have it fixed within days rather than weeks. This is the time that you need to pay a visit to Laptop Power UK. If you have a broken laptop screen, visit our section for Replacement Laptop Screens. Here you will see a screen replacement for practically every laptop at the most competitive prices.

What sets us apart from the competition? On top of the fact we only sell the highest grade of replacement laptop display panels in the UK and stock a wide range of different sizes and resolutions, we ship with next working day delivery on all of our laptop screens. This is perfect for those who cannot do without their laptop whether it be for business or for pleasure and means that if you order before 3pm your screen will arrive the very next working day.

We do this because we know how important your laptop is to you. Each laptop screen is quite delicate and so we take great care in ensuring the panel reaches you in perfect condition. We use a custom made box with thick foam inserts to prevent damage and our couriers treat each item with care. To see our various delivery options just go to our website. Make sure to order yours today before 3pm for guaranteed next working day delivery.

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Common Laptop Screen Problems – A Guide

April 16th, 2011

There are a range of Laptop Screen faults which can occur meaning you will not be able to use the laptop in it’s normal function. Here we will describe the common problems and what you can do to fix them. The first and most obvious is a crack in the screen. The only way this can happen is if something has impacted the screen. A crack will not develop of its own accord. If this happens it cannot be repaired economically and so you will simply need to buy a Replacement Laptop Screen.

The sourcing and fitting of a laptop screen can be quite easy. Our website lists thousands of different makes and models and we even provide Laptop Screen Fitting Instructions to help you along the way and reduce the costs involved when fixing your laptop.

Another issue is vertical or horizontal banding or various colours running through the panel. This too can indicate the screen has been impacted and damages the internal LCD. Again this can’t be repaired and a new part is needed.

A third fault is a dim screen. Some laptops use a part called an inverter. This part provides power to the screen to illuminate it. If this part breaks you simply need to buy an inverter. These are reasonably priced and you should look to spend £20 – £30 on a new one. They can be accessed the same way as your screen and simply plug in the new one.

A completely black screen indicates an issue with your Graphics Chip. this requires specialist attention and some high end technology to fix. We are one of the few companies with the equipment to repair this fault. It commonly occurs because the soldered connection of the graphics chip to the motherboard becomes damaged. It is predominantly an HP Compaq Screen problem but can occur in all laptops. For any Laptop Repair enquiries just give us a call on 0845 257 7745

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Liverpool Laptop Screen Replacements – 20 Minutes is all it takes

April 4th, 2011

When you have a faulty Laptop Screen or you have clumsily dropped the laptop or somehow cracked the Laptop Display Panel you will more than likely take it to your local Laptop Repair Shop. Here, you will usually have to leave the laptop for a few days while they order a screen and fir it for you. Things are done a little differently at Laptop Power UK though. As one of the UK’s leading Laptop Repair Specialists we can do all Laptop Screen Repairs within minutes, while you wait. With the best range of replacement laptop screens we are guaranteed to be able to help you.

All you need to do is visit us in store and we will go to work on your laptop. The Liverpool Laptop Screen Replacements we offer are not only fast, but we use the very best stock which is guaranteed not to develop the same faults you previously experienced. Each laptop screen comes with a full 12 month warranty and provided you do not drop your laptop again should last you for the rest of the lifetime of the laptop. If you want to send us your laptop for a repair from further afield just give us a call on 0845 257 7745 to arrange collection.

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Laptop Screen Repair – Netbooks and Laptops repaired while you wait

March 16th, 2011

For a same day service for all Laptop Screen Repairs come to Laptop Power UK. We do not keep you waiting for days for this kind of Laptop Repair, instead take a seat in our waiting area and within half an hour we will fit a brand new Laptop Screen into your laptop or netbook. We have a wide range of screens in stock at any one time to allow these Laptop Repairs to take place in record time. Some laptops are difficult to discover exactly which part you need as manufacturers change the type of panel used over time.

An older laptop of the same model may not use the same screen. With our expert knowledge of all things to do with laptop repairs we can identify the correct screen within moments. As removing a Laptop Screen can sometimes be tricky you can allow us to do the hard work. For a great price and minimal effort on your part you can repair your laptop back to the standard it used to be. All Netbook Screen Repairs and laptop screen repairs come with a 12 month guarantee from manufacturer faults so as long as you do not drop the laptop and break the screen again you are fully covered. Come in store today for your rapid Laptop Screen Repair.

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Liverpool Laptop Screens – Replaced while you shop

March 8th, 2011

For the quickest repair service in the North West, come down to Laptop Power UK where we can do a Laptop Screen Replacement while you wait in store or do your shopping. Based in Hunts Cross ASDA Retail Park we are ideally situated for when you want a quick Laptop Repair while you browse around the many shops on site. With plenty of free parking and amenities within yards of the store, you can take your time while we do all the hard work. We have in stock Replacement Laptop Screens for all makes and models of laptop and the full range of sizes meaning yours can be repaired and back with you in under an hour.

If you have never done a Laptop Screen Repair before or don’t fancy trying to do it yourself, save yourself time and effort by bringing your laptop to Laptop Power UK. Our qualified engineers have the tools at their disposal to ensure the repair can be done in record time and also cheaper than many of our competitors. We will not be beaten on the range of stock held and the wide range of Laptop Hardware Repairs and Laptop Software Repairs we can fix. Call us on 0151 203 5855 for a quote or for further information regarding a repair.

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