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Out with the old, in with the new?

July 17th, 2010

The qualities that laptops offer and their abilities are constantly growing as new technology bursts on to the scene regularly.The fact that they provide portability, speed and now perform many of the tasks our old, arge desktop computers used to,results in us becoming increasingly dependent on them.Whether we want to look up the latest news, play games, watch movies or do some work on our laptops, we all couldn’t imagine life without them.So it’s no wonder than laptop chargers today are experiencing more wear and tear than ever!Like anything the more use it,the more it’s susceptible to damage with the older it gets.Laptops are no different and may show signs of heavy usage by getting sticky buttons or blemishes on their screen for example.

We would all like to buy the latest laptop when it’s released,mainly because it makes our current ones seem inferior.Or as soon as our laptop starts to show signs of its heavy usage,it would seem the best idea to go and purchase a new replacement laptop.These are the ideas that everyone wishes they could fulfil however due to the dear cost of today’s laptops it isn’t always realistic.It would be every technological fan’s dream if they could constantly purchase the latest laptop model every month or so!Maybe if you’ve had your laptop for so long it isn’t worth repairing as the costs would be so great you may as well purchase a new one.However all these ideas come down to money and if you have enough of it then maybe purchasing a new laptop from Laptop Power UK would seem like the best idea for you.

The majority of us however cannot afford to splash out on new laptops when our current laptops are just experiencing a bit of wear and tear.We still strongly believe that even though our laptops aren’t the same as they used to be,they still aren’t past it yet.It could be due to escalating laptop costs to buy a new one or not seeing the point splashing out on one considering your current one just needs a little bit of repair work that you seek the services of Laptop Power UK.

If your screen is experiencing some blemishes on it or you wake up from a heavy night out to find a cracked laptop screen, then there no need to waste money purchasing a new laptop, as all you need is a replacement laptop screen. Laptop Power UK aims to constantly have in stock every laptop screen replacement panel our customers could possibly want. Our vast range stretches from the Toshiba Satellite p30 screen,to the Sony Vaio vgn-nr10e screen,and even includes the Hp compaq nx7400 screen and the Acer aspire 5610z screen.With 12 months warranty on all our products and our low competitive prices,you can rest assured the thought of buying a new laptop won’t seem so appealing!

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Planning the Summer Holidays

July 16th, 2010

As the School Holidays approach, parents may be scrambling to figure out what to do with their children for six weeks and there are only so many water parks and animated movies that an adult can be exposed to without going a little strange in the head. That being said, the alternative is worse, there’s nothing more dangerous than a bored child – especially if you have expensive electronics equipment about the house. A couple of seconds fiddling with your laptop and you could find yourself with a cracked compaq presario c300 screen, and while you could just sit them in front of the TV for a month and a half, that’s probably not the answer.

Schools Out

It’s at times like this that the Laptop comes into its own as an organisational tool. At Laptop Power UK we’ve heard of customers making spreadsheets of activities, organising days out or even printing of bogus treasure maps to act as a distraction whilst they have some ‘quiet time.’ You could even have your children searching for that long lost HP 402018-001 ac adapter, there’s no reason they can’t be productive.

To make sure your laptop is there to guide you through these treacherous six weeks; Laptop Power UK has everything you could possibly need for your computer at prices so good you’ll still have money for overpriced ice creams at your nearest theme park. We stock a huge range of laptop chargers and replacement laptop panels with speedy delivery for when you desperately need that dell d600 power supply so you can book tickets to a 4 week summer camp.

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No Hidden Costs thanks to Laptop Power UK

July 11th, 2010

When you’re dealing with an unexpected expenditure like replacing a gateway ma7 screen or trying to find a new medion laptop charger, the last thing you need is a surprise on your receipt, yet so many websites decide to hide the price you pay until the last moment holding back things like Tax, Shipping costs even nebulous ‘service charges’ just for ordering online. We almost expect it when flying with budget airlines or buying concert tickets online, but when you’re buying a simple toshiba tecra a2 charger? That seems like a low blow to customers.

The tricks of the trade

The internet is such a competitive place when it comes to buying electronics that some people will do anything to make their prices seem more attractive. That often means breaking up the real price into separate ‘charges’ in order to entice people with the prospect of an alarmingly cheap compaq presario c700 charger. How can you avoid this? Well you could shop around for one thing; make sure you keep a tally of all the extra charges that people add onto your shopping cart to see if that bargain laptop mains charger really is a bargain. Or you could just find a supplier of laptop replacement parts that are upfront with their prices and don’t need to resort to any dirty tricks to compete with other sellers.

Honesty is the best policy

By now you’ve probably guessed that we’re talking about Laptop Power UK; as the UK’s leader in providing replacement laptop power adapters and laptop screens, we have to make sure that our customers trust the way we do our business. That’s why all of our pricing and delivery costs are clear and honest; there are no last minute surprises and even without all these tricks, we’ve still got the best prices on the best quality merchandise. So when you’re looking for prices you can trust, Laptop UK should be the first place you look.

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Dell Laptops – A solid brand delivering economic performance across the board

July 5th, 2010

Dell Studio 17 – Quality performances but at a costly price  

After experiencing the successes of the Inspiron line and Latitude brand of laptops, Dell attempts to learn from the previous mistakes and introduce the new and improved Studio 17 brand of laptops.The version of Dell’s Studio 17 is powerful, has excellent audio-playback capability, and has a comprehensive multi-touch management hub.However it also has a few faults that do stop it from competing with the likes of Apple and Sony range of laptops.

The basic price of the Dell Studio 17 laptop is around £950.Its framework is relatively subtle,with a sleek black lid and silver keyboard surround giving it a modern image.The keyboard has a full numeric pad on the right-hand side, with a muted white backlight for typing in the dark.The keyboard is not that easy to use with there being little spaces between each keys however this hasn’t been registered as a major problem.It weighs a fairly hefty Weighing 3.6kg, making the Studio 17 not that travel friendly and is better suited to be left at home.However it is well built and Dell compromised it being slightly heavier to include a range of high-tech components.It has a 4GB of memory,backed up by a quad-core, 1.6GHz Intel Core i7-720QM processor, and a drop-protected 500GB hard drive.The display is offers sharp,flawless definition making it perfect for watching videos and movies on.With its spec you can rest assured that the Studio 17 is capable of handling everything from basic everyday office tasks to heavier work,such as video-editing programs and 3D games.

 Yet don’t be fooled by the 9-cell battery as it only manages a mere 1 hour and 49 minutes, which is relatively poor.If you are using your dell laptop at home and work you constantly run the risk of forgetting your Dell charger and leaving it in one place.This can mean your laptop becomes virtually useless and work can soon pile up after being persistently delayed by not having enough battery.Laptop Power UK aims to eliminate that problem by supplying cheap power laptop power adapters.We stock to meet all demands with a variety of different Dell models, with our vast and growing range including dell Inspiron 1520 chargers,to dell Latitude E6400 adapters and dell Vostro 1500 chargers.

If it’s a broken laptop screen you’re having problems with then Laptop Power UK is the supplier for you!Replacement laptop panels can be expensive so it’s essential you purchase parts from a company that’s reliable and you can trust.All Laptop Power UK’s products come with 12 months warranty showing our customers that we are confident in our quality so they can be assured they are buying from a trustworthy supplier.Our replacement laptop screens range from the Dell Studio 1555 screen to the Dell Inspiron 1545 screen,making sure we have sufficient stock to match our customers’ needs.

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Acer Laptops – quality that’s affordable

July 4th, 2010


The main advantage to purchasing Acer Laptops in general is that you know exactly what you are getting for an affordable price.Acer laptops are perfect for those wishing to not spend a fortune on a high-tech laptop that they struggle to use, with features they won’t even touch upon.Therefore the Acer Aspire 5732Z charger is perfect for those wishing to use it for basic/mid end use and only really need it for every day functions.One of the main problems users find is that there are only 2USB slots.However this would only affect you if you use lots of devices and therefore for just the basic functions the lack of extra USB slots won’t cause you any problems.It is very easy to use and a very good low price all rounder.Well designed hardware set up along with the trouble free Windows 7 mean that slow operations and crashes almost never happen.The wide screen viewing experience that the Acer provides surprisingly gives you an impression that it is an even larger than it actually is.With simple visual features and 250GB the Acer can easily fulfil your basic wishes.The Acer Aspire 5732Z would be perfect for those wishing to take it to school and university as it provides all the basic features at a minimal price.

Due to the economic climate, there is an increasing amount of people looking to save money wherever they can thus looking towards simple, cheap laptops that can meet basic requirements.Luckily Laptop Power UK provides a variety of cheap laptop screens and low-cost laptop chargers to meet the ever growing demand for the cheap and cheerful Acer laptops.

The Acer laptop screens we supply range from the Acer aspire 5600 screen to the Acer aspire 3650 screen and the Acer 5920 screen.If it is cheap replacement chargers that you require Laptop Power including the Acer aspire 5738 charger and the Acer aspire 5542 charger.You will be also pleased to hear we offer free power cords with all our chargers so they come ready to use!

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Helping Music Lovers stay plugged in – Laptop Power UK

July 2nd, 2010

Chances are, most of our customers are used to carrying around their entire music collections in MP3 players and iPods thanks to their ever increasing storage capacities, and the wide availability of portable speakers for such devices means you aren’t limited to using earphones to listen to music if you’re out and about. But many music lovers still prefer to rely on their laptops in addition to such devices for a number of reasons – firstly even products like the iPod which can gain access to the internet can be slow to download large files or transfer large amounts of data so it can be better to download via your laptop and then transfer files to the iPod via the USB cable.

Then there’s the issue of services such as spotify which require a subscription to use on mobiles and some MP3 players, no matter how vast your music collection is most people still like to use spotify to check out new bands or search for individual songs so the laptop is the better option in that department as well. The one problem with the laptop is the fact that a broken compaq c700 charger isn’t something you can get hold of at short notice like an iPod charger, so finding a replacement laptop power adapter can be something of a chore.

For anyone who regards their laptop as central to their music enjoyment, Laptop Power UK are the first name that comes to mind when looking for a new adapter for fujitsu laptops or a hp dv5000 charger. We’re the UK’s number 1 provider of laptop adapters and chargers and we even stock replacement laptop lcd screens at the best prices you’ll find on the internet. We offer fast, affordable delivery options to make sure you’re not left without a charger for long.

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Finding The Best Laptop Spares Supplier

June 30th, 2010

Unless you’re in need of laptop spares, you probably haven’t thought twice about where you’d find them. But, if you do need to find a few replacements then it’s vital you have access to the right supplier, but just how can you go about doing that?

For a lot of people, the original manufacturer seems like the best place to start. But, while this could work for some, you’ll often find that these original parts will cost far more than you were hoping, and you could find it tricky to get the exact laptop spares that you need.

Then there’s the option of high street electronic or computer stores. Here you’ll be able to find a bigger selection of products and they’ll probably be at better prices than if you went directly to the manufacturer, particularly if you go during sale time.

But, there’s one other place that’s bound to give you better prices, service and choice than any of these other options, and that’s online. By heading online for your laptop spares supplier you’ll be able to find the exact part you’re looking for, and you’ll usually be able to save time, money and hassle as well. As long as you make sure to check their reputation, their testimonials and the quality of their products you can be sure that you’ve found the right one, so make sure to have a look.

Or, if you want to save yourself the hassle completely, come straight here to us at Laptop Power UK. With everything from laptop power cables to keyboards we’ll have just what you’re looking for, and with a great reputation, great service and high quality products you’ll have no need to go anywhere else.

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Bring Your Laptop Back To Life With Laptop Spares

June 24th, 2010

People often think that as soon as a laptop starts to malfunction, it’s time to invest in a new one. It’s all one thing, right, so it can’t possibly be repaired? Wrong. Don’t be fooled into thinking that your laptop can’t be given a new lease of life, because often a few laptop spares is all it needs.

Laptops can be incredibly buggy pieces of equipment, and you’re bound to notice something going wrong after a while. Perhaps the screen’s playing up, maybe the keyboard’s seen better days, or the charger could have become frayed and unusable? Whatever it is, fear not – you’re bound to be able to find laptop spares to fix the problem.

Don’t think that because laptops look like one single piece of machinery that they can’t be broken down, because you can replace a keyboard or a screen almost as easily as you can on a regular computer. Taking out laptop keyboard replacements can be incredibly easy if you know what you’re doing, as can screen repairs, and laptop chargers simply have to be replaced with an original or compatible version and voila, your laptop’s back to full working order.

As you can see, you really shouldn’t have a problem bringing your laptop back to life, as long as you have the appropriate laptop spares at hand. That’s where we come in here at Laptop Power UK. We have all the spare parts you could ever need, and that, combined with our experience, customer service and great prices, means that you’ll never need to look anywhere else.

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Finding Laptop Spares On A Budget

June 22nd, 2010

Unfortunately, no matter how careful we may be, sometimes our laptops simply start to break down. But, don’t think that it’s time to invest in a new one just yet – you could just need a few laptop spares to bring it back to life.

But what if you haven’t got the cash to spend too much on laptop replacements? This is an all-too common occurrence these days, but luckily there are ways that you can find laptop spares on a budget to fix your precious possession without breaking the bank.

It’s often a good idea to keep a lookout for any sales or discounts being offered at your local computer or electronics store. You never know what type of bargains you could find, so it pays to take a look.

But, don’t forget the other options as well. Make sure to go for compatible laptop parts rather than brand names or originals, because you’ll save yourself a great deal of money. And, always make sure to scour the internet for the best deals – it’s here that you’ll be able to find everything you could possibly need at a price you can afford, and if you choose carefully you’ll never have to worry about quality.

As you can see, it really is possible to find laptop spares on a budget. If you’re in the market for some cost-effective and compatible spare laptop parts make sure to come to us here at Laptop Power UK, as with everything from laptop adapters to keyboards we’re sure we’ll have the product and the price that you’re looking for.

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