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Lenovo Thinkpad X61 Replacement Adapters From Laptop Power

February 23rd, 2012

Amongst our massive range of Replacement Laptop Chargers covering thousands of makes and models of laptop is the original Lenovo Laptop Charger. This original charger certainly looks the part and indeed it will do the job of charging your laptop battery perfectly. With the original branding it will look like the adapter you received when you first got your laptop. We also include a free power cord with each laptop charger purchased.

The power output is rated at 90W, plenty to enable to laptop to run all of your open programmes while at the same time allowing the battery to charge. It is small enough to be stored easily in your laptop carry case and pulled out whenever your battery gets to a critical level. You won’t find a better priced original Lenovo Thinkpad X61 Adapter anywhere so come and visit laptop specialist charger replacement company today.

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Lenovo and IBM original laptop chargers – a staple replacement part for the professional corporation

January 18th, 2012

It seems like a long time ago since IBM sold its laptop brand to the Chinese company Lenovo. A lot of market commentators thought that this may spell the end for the brand and mark the beginning of a slow but permanent decline. However Lenovo has been highly successful in maintaining the brand as one of the leading corporate laptop brands in many of the UK’s largest companies.

Here at Laptop Power UK when we get orders for IBM laptop chargers and Lenovo laptop chargers, the chances are it will be from a corporate customer or a company IT department. We stock all replacement Lenovo laptop adapters and Lenovo laptop screens, making us the ideal partner for company IT departments and repair centres.

We have thousands of IBM and Lenovo spares in stock in the UK, so we can offer next day delivery times on all parts. We will get the part to you quicker than anyone, and given that all we stock are original parts there is simply no excuse not to use us. Let us help deliver savings and efficiencies to your corporate IT budget. A broken corporate laptop is far more costly than a broken retail laptop. Don’t let your organisation suffer from a build-up of redundant IBM and Lenovo laptops which prevent people from doing their jobs properly. Get the correct and original part from Laptop Power today.

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Replacement Original Charger For Your Lenovo Thinkpad

December 26th, 2011

Some replacements for your Laptop Charger can be a little disappointing when you get them home and have a proper look at them. The very cheap replacements can often feel below standard just by looking at them and picking them up. Compared to an original Lenovo Laptop Charger, the cheap replacement will feel a lot lighter, the plastic may not be as sturdy and the cables may feel less robust. But not only that, the insides of the cheap version will also be below standard. With cheaper materials comes lower expected life and in some cases even a potential to catch fire.

Meanwhile, if you were to visit Laptop Power UK you would be able to spend a little more to get hold of a 100% genuine Lenovo Thinkpad Laptop Adapter. With the correct materials and components used to manufacture this power supply you can be sure that it is the safest laptop charger to use on your laptop. You will not damage your laptop and in turn you will not have a potential fire hazard on your hands. If you need help selecting the correct laptop adapter just give us a call for more information.

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Lenovo Ideapad Netbook Chargers From Laptop Power Will Keep the Kids Entertained

October 29th, 2011

Whilst half term is here and the kids are off school, they may be using their netbook a lot more than usual. If they are staying out of your hair while they play on their laptop you will be glad of the peace and quiet. Unfortunately this will be short lived if the Lenovo Ideapad S9E Netbook Charger stops working. Instead of having to make a trip down to the high street to struggle to find a suitable replacement, pay a visit to Laptop Power UK.

We stock Laptop Chargers of all sizes, power and for all makes of laptop. You can be sure to find the correct Lenovo Ideapad Laptop Adapter with us and even if the exact one is not listed we will have the part required in stock. Our sales team can help you with any queries you may have regarding your Lenovo Charger and with very fast delivery you can keep the kids entertained once again.

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Lenovo Thinkpad N100 Power Supplies – Replace With An Original

October 20th, 2011

Whilst it can be tempting to replace a faulty Lenovo Laptop Charger with a generic replacement, this can become a false economy. With varying standards of Laptop Adapters you never really know what you are going to get when you open your parcel. Will it be a low quality replacement that may not last more than a few weeks or months or will it be a high quality version? You will never know unless you purchase an original Lenovo Thinkpad Adapter.

You can find these original Lenovo Thinkpad N100 Chargers right here at Laptop Power UK. We specialise in the highest quality adapters and our ranges include both OEM and original laptop power supplies. Without a doubt, you will ensure you receive an item that will consistently and safely power your laptop. Some generic replacements can even turn out to be dangerous so again, avoid the possibility of anything going wrong and purchase original at a great price from Laptop Power UK.

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We Even Stock Lenovo R61i Adapters at Laptop Power

August 17th, 2011

Sure you can get the most common laptop chargers from many places on-line, but what about the older laptop or the lesser known models? Here at Laptop Power UK we can supply you with Laptop Power Supplies for hundreds of different laptop makes and models, no matter the age. Even if you laptop is old or not one of the most popular this does not mean that you will receive some generic charger. We currently have in stock original Lenovo Laptop Chargers direct from the original manufacturers.

A generic charger may work well for months or even years but the lower quality generally means that they will not last as long as an original. We only provide original or OEM adapters as they offer the best quality at the best prices. In the long term they make financial sense as well as proving to be better for your laptop. You can call us on 0845 257 7745 to discuss any problems you are having or for help ordering the correct model to suit your laptop.

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Lenovo Ideapad S12 Adapter – With a brand new charger you will never be left short of power

August 4th, 2011

Purchase a brand new Lenovo Ideapad S12 Adapter today to ensure you are never left short of power for your netbook. The problem with relying on battery power is that it never seems quite long enough. You may only get an hour or two of use out of your laptop before the warning light starts to flash reminding you to plug the Laptop Adapter in. This is fine if your charger is working properly but many have seen better days.

With lots of power supplies having broken tips and dodgy wiring the chance increases of it failing to charge your laptop. If when you have finished with your adapter you wrap the wires tightly around the charger they can begin to get worn. Pets can be a hazard too as they like to chew on the wires. Maybe you stood on  the tip and a piece of it looks to have cracked off. All of these accidents can lead to you needing a new Lenovo Power Supply. We can make it easier for you to source a new laptop adapter so for expert help visit or call 0845 257 7745.

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Distinctive Chargers just for the Lenovo X61 Laptop

July 4th, 2011

The Laptop Power Supplies for Lenovo and IBM laptops are quite distinctive when you know what you are looking for. The part that plugs into your laptop is not like chargers for other brands. This part is quite large in comparison with a 7.9mm barrel tip with a small pin in the middle. Other features include a short ’stubby’ tip. If you have ever bought the wrong laptop adapter you will have found out that there can be a wide variety of chargers and you definitely need to ensure you have purchased the correct item for it even to fit into your laptop.

At Laptop Power UK we have built a website that allows you to just enter the model of your laptop to see the right replacement. If you search for your Lenovo X61 Charger now, you will see that we stock original Lenovo power supplies at a fraction of the price of the original manufacturer. You too can take advantage of our great prices, rapid delivery and expert knowledge and avoid paying over the odds for this essential little piece of laptop computing equipment.

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Lenovo Ideapad U450 Chargers – Laptop Charging covered by the best adapters available

May 25th, 2011

Laptop Adapters are easy to find on-line or at your local electronics store but not all of them are ideal. You have versions which are very cheaply made with lesser quality components, you have very expensive versions which may be the best but cost so much. In the middle you may have those that are not that great in terms of quality but still command a high price because they are from a well known UK brand. Laptop Power UK offers the perfect balance of great price and the best quality.

Looking for a Lenovo U450 Charger can be difficult when you see hundreds of results from your on-line search but let us help take some of the strain. As we only ever sell the very best Lenovo Laptop Power Supplies you can tick the box of ensuring a robust, long term charging solution and our price will beat any competition. Our team has years of experience in this market so we can help you through the order process if you require further help. Just call us on 0845 257 7745 to place your order.

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Lenovo Charger Tips – The specifics to look out for

April 17th, 2011

Lenovo Ideapad Laptop chargers and Lenovo Thinkpad Laptop Adapters are unique in the fact they have a different size charger tip to other laptops. Many laptops will have a 5.5mm outer diameter and a 2.5mm inside diameter meaning you can easily buy a Replacement Laptop Charger from just about anybody. These common chargers have been replicated by companies across the world and can be found for a wide range of prices. Unfortunately as with many things people demand cheaper prices and so unscrupulous manufacturers push the price and quality lower and lower.

The ensure you get a great quality replacement that is not going to become a fire hazard always buy from a reputable company with only the best manufacturers and branded products for sale. To make sure you get the correct Lenovo charger with the correct size tips simply measure your faulty charger. It should measure 7.9mm outside diameter and 5.5mm inside diameter. This ensure correct fitting into your laptop and uninterrupted charging. the tip will fit snugly into your charging socket and will not continue to fall out or wiggle around preventing future breakages or damage to your laptop or charger.

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