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Replacement Parts For Your LG Laptop To Keep To Your Laptops High Standards

November 10th, 2011

LG certainly know what they are doing when it comes to building electronic equipment. They have diversified into all manner of areas including domestic appliances, mobile phones and TV’s. The quality of their products speaks for itself and as a result they have grown into a huge multinational company with huge sales. If you need to set about finding a replacement LG Laptop Adapter then don’t settle for substandard equipment. Your laptop was manufactured to a high standard so ensure your Laptop Charger also meets this standard.

With manufacturers such as Hipro providing our OEM replacements you know for a fact you are getting the best. This high standard replacement will stand out from the other laptop adapters you may have tried. With a 12 month guarantee your LG LW65 Laptop Power Supply is definitely one to keep you powered for years and not months as others struggle to manage.

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Which LG Laptop Adapter to Choose? Some points to consider

April 18th, 2011

When your laptop will not power on because of a faulty Laptop Charger there are a few points to consider when looking for a replacement. Do you go to the laptop manufacturer because you can be sure you will be getting a good Laptop Adapter or do you look on the internet for something cheaper?

If you are short of cash you would be tempted to look for the cheapest option. However as a lot of people discover, finding the cheapest laptop power supply possible is a bit of a false economy. You certainly save a few pounds initially but you could end up buying yet another replacement in a few weeks or months. This is because the cheapest Laptop Chargers on the market do not use the same components as the original versions. The more they are used the greater the chances of them failing.

The other option is to speak to the laptop makers for their replacements. These are the best quality and will certainly last but the retail price is incredibly high, some coming in at over £100. It’s a lot to pay when there is an alternative.

The alternative can be found at Laptop Power UK. We stock all LG Laptop Chargers including LG Mini Power Supplies. These come direct from the very same manufacturers as those sold to you when you first bought the laptop. The difference is, we do not charge the same. We do without the scandalous mark ups and allow you to buy a brilliant quality adapter at a fraction of the cost of a comparable model. Just call us for assistance in finding the correct model, we are always happy to help.

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LG Laptop Power Supplies – Chargers available from your LG Mini to Z Series

March 27th, 2011

No matter which model of LG laptop you own, if you are in need of a new Laptop Charger, we can fix you up with one in a matter of moments. LG have made many different laptops from the LG Mini to the LG Z Series but it does not matter when it comes to buying a Replacement LG Laptop Power Supply as we have done extensive research into all brands and sourced the correct part for each one. Have a look at the price for our LG Mini X110 Charger, LG Z1 Laptop Charger or LG S1 Laptop Charger.

The beauty of having a proper branded laptop charger is the chance of another failure is so small. Very few have manufacturers faults ensuring you can save a lot of money buying a top quality item that will stand the test of time. In addition, the charger has been made to exact laptop manufacturer standards and specification so there will be no compatibility issues such as loose fitting connections to your laptop. Quality Laptop Adapters are now affordable and reliable when you buy from Laptop Power UK

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LG Laptop Adaptors – Excellent quality replacements for when your breaks

February 26th, 2011

Most laptop owners will require a Replacement Laptop Charger at some point, especially if you keep your laptop for a number of years. It is almost certain that your Laptop Adaptor will give up before your laptop does. Generally if you get 3 years from your laptop adapter that is about right. If and when the time comes to start to think about replacing your LG L Series Charger or LG K Series Adapter Laptop Power UK will have the very best items in stock, perfect for your laptop and perfect for your budget.

Many of the LG laptops require a 90W charger with a thin ‘bullet’ tip. The tips are quite distinctive and when you look at the pictures on our website you will be able to compare to your old adaptor. You will also be able to see a table of specifications. This will tell you information such as the power ratings and all of this information can be compared to that printed on your old charger to ensure there are no problems with your LG LS75 Charger, LG M1 Adapter or LG S1 Adaptor. We are the experts to trust to ensure you get the very best items for the best price. Visit us now at

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