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MSI, Rock and Clevo laptop chargers – Quirky but manageable

February 2nd, 2012

One of the perceived problems of buying less well known laptop brands is the problem presented by hunting down spare parts for them should anything go wrong with them. This is a shame since many lesser-well known laptops have very favourable performance to price ratios than many better known brands. Well to put customers ‘minds at rest somewhat, Laptop Power UK offer a full range of MSI, Rock and Clevo laptop chargers and laptop screens.

This means that you won’t find yourself writing off your machines because you can’t find a supplier for a replacement MSI laptop charger or a Clevo laptop screen. It is an important consideration when purchasing a laptop as to how you are going to be able to maintain it over its useful economic life. The chances are if you plan on owning a laptop over a 3-5 year period you are going to need a spare part for it at some point.

Laptop Power UK is in the business of prolonging peoples’ use of their existing equipment, thus keeping costs down and equipment downtime to a minimum. If you either own an MSI laptop, or are considering buying a Rock gaming laptop, hopefully this blog takes some of the uncertainty away regarding the future availability of parts for these less well-known and promoted laptop and netbook brands.

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MSI Wind Chargers Will Blow You Away

November 2nd, 2011

Whilst it is not possible to find an MSI Laptop Charger because they are not made and sold as MSI branded adapters, you can find the original alternative at Laptop Power UK. Our original Delta branded Laptop Chargers are the equivalent to the charger that was received when you purchased your laptop, if not better. With tiny failure rates on the hundreds of thousands of Delta products sold each year worldwide you will be receiving the best quality there is at a price that will blow you away.

If your MSI Wind Laptop Charger has stopped working then the only thing for it is to order a replacement. And you can find the very best replacement MSI Wind U90 Laptop Chargers at There are different types of MSI chargers so find out what model of laptop you own, enter that into our database and we will show you exactly which replacement you need to buy to get your laptop charging again.

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MSI Wind U135 Adapter Review

June 21st, 2011

Today we are going to have a look at the MSI Wind U135 Adapter. What are its features and reasons for buying one? If you currently have an MSI laptop that you can’t use because of a faulty power supply, you may see on-line that there are a vast range of options. To narrow this down you may have decided to look in your local high street store only to find they do not stock this adapter or they only have universal options.

It is our belief that a universal adapter should be avoided as they are weaker than fixed tip adapters and you do not have the danger of losing the tip that you need to plug into your laptop. This is the first plus of the Laptop Power UK version. It is strong and durable despite its small size. If we look at the dimensions you will see that it is no larger than your mobile phone. This makes it very portable – there is nothing worse than having to lug a large brick around in your carry case. No trouble of that with this version.

Another plus is the sheer quality of charger you will receive. A Delta branded adapter is one of the very best chargers you can find on the market as they are a company that not only produces its own range of power supplies but also produces laptop adapters for the big names in the world of laptop computing. A 12 month warranty ensures the longevity of this product. All in all, this adapter is the perfect companion for your laptop power needs.

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MSI Wind Netbook Chargers – Fixed tip is best

April 22nd, 2011

The MSI Wind laptop is small and comes in the category of an ultra portable laptop. It is light weight enough for you to carry around with you all day and has all of the wireless connectivity needed to access the internet in wireless hotspots throughout the country. You could even take this abroad with you on holiday as it is unobtrusive enough to fit easily into your luggage.

Of course all of this portability is useless when you do not have sufficient power in the battery. This is why having a working Laptop Charger is so important. Even the very best laptops will only give you a few hours of use on one battery charge and so if you want to play a DVD say, then the battery will last even less.

The perfect solution is a fixed tip MSI Wind Laptop Adapter from Laptop Power UK. Don’t find yourself with a chunky universal adapter with many removable tips. The fact they are removable means you will only end up losing the one you need. Choose the fixed tip version which is a charger specifically designed for your laptop.

As they do not have all of these removable parts they are inherently stronger and will last longer. They are also smaller. One could easily fit in your carry case instead of the chunky brick that most retailers sell. There are always better options – and Laptop Power UK gives them to you!

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MSI Charging Problems – Are these caused by your faulty laptop charger?

March 29th, 2011

A lot of laptop users experience charging problems caused by a faulty Laptop Adapter. There is nothing else you can do when this happens other that finding a replacement. Now with a lot of different Laptop Power Supplies available to you you should always be sure to get the best blend of reliability and cost. Very cheap options are so cheap because they are just not up to scratch. Made with poor quality materials and components they will not last very long. An MSI Laptop Charger available from Laptop Power UK is original OEM meaning it is made by the same people in the same factories as those with the HP, Acer and Dell label attached.

If you have an MSI charging problem caused by a lost or faulty charger you can purchase a replacement MSI CR700 Charger, MSI CX605 Charger or MSI EX625 Adapter to get around all of these issues. Replace your lost charger or keep a spare in your laptop bag or at the office. You can even upgrade from a charger that only works intermittently to one that will work first time every time. Call 0845 257 7745 to order yours today.

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