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NEC LaVie Adapters can give you the power your laptop needs

April 24th, 2011

Whether it is to give your laptop battery a boost the night before a meeting or to enable you to power your laptop throughout the day at your desk, the Laptop Charger is the only thing that is going to do this for you. So when it is broken or you do not seem to be able to find it then you are in trouble. With such a vital piece of kit missing, the top priority is to get a replacement as quickly as possible.

When you want a laptop adapter delivering in hours as opposed to days, come to Laptop Power UK. With a laptop charger in stock for all makes of laptop including the NEC LaVie Laptop Charger we can deliver. Our UK held stock can be dispatched the very same day and shipped using a next day courier service meaning you could have your replacement by breakfast the next day.

Do not miss out on the use of your laptop, get ordering your replacement today and banish the charging problems you have been facing to the distant past.

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How to find an Ultra-light Charger for your NEC UltraLite laptop

April 23rd, 2011

Many shops only sell Universal Laptop Chargers. This is because it is so much easier to stock just one type of laptop charger that will be suitable for all laptop models. With different tips for all laptops the charger just needs to cope with the different output voltages. There are sometimes dials that allow you to change the output depending on the laptop you are using it on. The drawback comes with the size of the charger. They are usually a lot larger than a fixed tip charger made just for one type of laptop. This is because of the extra electrics that are needed to be able to change power outputs. Not good when you want a portable NEC UltraLite Charger.

Don’t choose the lazy option which is not the most suitable and certainly not the best in terms of cost, choose bespoke NEC Adapters from the UK’s biggest and best retailer of laptop power supplies – Laptop Power UK. Our models are tiny compared to the universal options and will cost you far less. When you need an Ultra-Light charger for your NEC UltraLite laptop, pay a visit to

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NEC Laptop Chargers – A power supply for your NEC laptop

March 29th, 2011

NEC will probably be better known to you for sponsoring football teams than making laptops. However there is a demand for Replacement Laptop Chargers for this range of laptops. And when you need one at a reasonable price that has the quality to last you should visit With an amazing range of Laptop Chargers in stock suitable for practically every laptop no matter how old or rare it is we can get you computing again with our simple to use search functions.

Simply find the correct NEC Versa 2400 Laptop Charger, NEC UltraLite II Laptop Adapter or NEC Ready 330T Laptop Charger on-line and check the details are correct and match your requirements. All you need to check for is the output voltage and current – this is always displayed on the laptop or old charger. Secondly check that the tip is the same size – do this by simply measuring it with a ruler. There is nothing more to it so when you are looking to order a brand new NEC Laptop Charger make Laptop Power UK your very first port of call.

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