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Samsung Netbook Chargers New In Stock At Laptop Power

July 20th, 2013

New to the vast Laptop Power UK range of laptop chargers comes the latest Samsung Netbook Charger with all of the performance and quality you would expect from a genuine power supply. In terms of size, this charger is one of the smallest available. You could be forgiven for thinking that it would be too small to provide the power your netbook needs but that is not the case. In fact, your Samsung netbook will only need 2.1A or 40W of power. Such is the advance in technology, your netbook is quite economic in terms of power.

As many of the Samsung netbooks require this 2.1A Laptop Power Adapter our Samsung AA-PA2N40s Charger is suitable for a large range of machines. Just perform a quick search for your particular laptop model on our website to source the correct replacement. Your order will come with a complimentary power cord to connect directly to your mains supply. Also choose from standard or express delivery to get your order with a next day delivery.

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Find Your Samsung Part Number Then Pick Your Samsung Laptop Charger

May 5th, 2012

On your Samsung laptop will be a model number. This model number will always be on the laptop somewhere or other, either on the base on a sticker or sometimes embossed into the plastics near the keyboard or on the plastic bezel surrounding the laptop screen. This is your clue as to what the model is running in terms of Laptop Power Supply and what is needed for a replacement.

Laptop Power UK have comprehensive listings of which Samsung Laptop Charger is suitable for any particular model of laptop. So when you enter the model number of yours into our website, we can instantly display the correct replacement. The information include a full technical specification including power output and tip size.

With the Samsung NP-300E5A-AO1UK Adapter or any from our listings, it is only a matter of minutes before you can have completed the checkout procedure and paid a great price for a replacement with 12 months warranty.

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Don’t trust The Generic Replacements To Be Found On-line? Buy An Original Laptop Charger From Laptop Power UK

March 26th, 2012

Type in Laptop Charger to any search engine and you will see hundreds if not thousands of results. Not all of these are going to be the real deal though, even most high street stores do not have access to original Laptop chargers. Instead the majority of offerings will be either generic replacements or Universal adapters. Neither of these are the best option for your laptop. Instead come and have a look at to view our extensive range of original chargers.

With many original chargers in stock such as Dell laptop chargers, HP laptop chargers and Samsung Laptop Adapters and fantastic offers to boot, we can make the choice of picking a replacement so much easier. There are so many models of laptop even with one brand such as Samsung so by using our easy search function you can pinpoint the correct Samsung NP-300 Laptop Power Supply with ease.

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Samsung Laptop Not Charging? – Here Is The Solution

March 17th, 2012

With your Samsung laptop not charging you will be unable to access the internet, programmes and all the important files held on it. There are common issues when it comes to a laptop not charging. One is a fault on the motherboards causing a short. This is not very common however. More likely it will be a fault with the DC socket stopping the charge from the Samsung Laptop Adapter from powering the laptop.

Another issue would be with the Laptop Power Supply. If this is faulty no amount of wiggling of the charger in the socket or propping it at funny angles will make the power flow to the laptop. When you have discovered that your laptop charger is faulty do not waste any time and order your replacement from Laptop Power UK. There are many models of Samsung laptop chargers available including the popular Samsung R530 Adapter. All come with a free power cord and 1 year warranty.

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Samsung LED Backlit Laptop Screens

October 14th, 2011

A lot of Samsung laptops have opted to use the LED Laptop Screen. This gives a higher quality image to allow you to enjoy using your laptop with brighter colours and a more vivid image. It also saves power so your battery may last that little bit longer than those laptops with a CCFL screen. The LED Samsung Laptop Screen only has one single connector to the laptop and that is via one ribbon cable. This provides the power and also the data to the laptop to allow an image to be displayed.

One of the models using the LED screen is the Samsung NP-R519 Screen. This is also better new for you if you are looking to replace a damaged panel. At the moment the popularity of the LED screen is on a high and so prices and around the lowest they have ever been. Laptop Power UK is one of those UK retailers specialising in the supply of all manner of Laptop Screens so visit us a

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Now In Stock – Original Samsung N220 Chargers

September 28th, 2011

Laptop Power UK is pleased to announce that we now have in stock original Samsung Laptop Chargers. These laptop power supplies are direct from the manufacturer and are made to the highest specifications so no worries about it failing within a few weeks. Your new Samsung N220 Charger is a 60W power supply with an output of 3.15A. You will see the tip is also of the correct size with the small connection pin within.

If you think you might be charged a lot because it is an original Samsung NP Series Adapter then think again. Our great prices are nowhere near the steep charges levied by some suppliers. So to save yourself some money, save your self the hassle and save yourself the time, visit Laptop Power UK for all your laptop charger requirements

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Samsung Adapters Which Will Keep Your Laptop Powered

September 24th, 2011

With so much information on your laptop, it is normally a very important tool used for both work and for enjoyment. You might have a mass of important files on there or simply just need to get on-line to catch up with your friends or send a couple of emails. Either way a Samsung Laptop Adapter that is not working is sure to cause you a few headaches so you need to get it sorted sooner rather than later. Do this with Laptop Power UK and our great range of laptop power supplies and you will not look back.

You do not need to worry about our laptop chargers failing you at a critical moment because our quality is unsurpassed as we only sell power supplies from the very best manufacturers. The result is a far greater lifespan and trouble free laptop charging. With this added confidence you could find that the whole laptop computing experience is that little bit easier.

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Where To Find A Samsung N130 Adapter

September 20th, 2011

Where is the best place to find a new Samsung N130 Adapter? Well not in your local high street that’s for sure. As the price is silly and the expertise minimal. If you want to be lazy and sell a Laptop Charger then you can go for a generic Universal option which will power all of the major manufacturers laptops with different tips to attach to the adapter. These are nowhere near as good as the purpose built options from Laptop Power UK.

We are one of the experts when it comes to finding a laptop charging power solution and with a free power cord included in all orders you have the full kit to give your laptop the helping hand it needs. With a 12 month warranty we can ensure you do not have to go trawling up and down the high street ever again looking for a laptop charger.

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Samsung NP-N130 Netbook Chargers

July 31st, 2011

Most small netbooks for sale come with a small Netbook Charger to match. The netbook is usually more power efficient and so requires a smaller power supply such a 40W as opposed to the 65W or 90W chargers for a full sized laptop. This is not the case for the Samsung NP-N130. The Samsung NP-N130 Charger is a 60W power supply. Running this higher wattage requires a slightly larger power supply ‘brick’ than is the norm but should still not be too much of an issue when you want to put in in your carry case.

Samsung Laptop Adapters have a special sized DC Socket with a diameter of 5.5mm and 3.0mm. This is half a millimeter inside diameter larger than the top selling power supply from other manufacturers. But even if you are looking for a specific type and size of adapter, Laptop Power UK is going to be able to help. Our range is huge and still growing so for even the most obscure laptops we can supply you quickly with our range of delivery options. Order on-line or call one of our representatives for assistance.

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Samsung R505 Adapter for when your battery needs some power

July 19th, 2011

The battery life estimates given by some manufacturers can be a little on the generous side shall we say. In the real world you should reasonably expect 2 hours under a medium usage an a little less than this when watching films etc. Two hours use may not be enough for you to make it through a study session or a meeting at work. One option is to buy another battery and double your battery life to 4 hours. Unfortunately they are expensive and it is not really that practical. The better solution is to carry a Laptop Charger with you at all times.

Just fit it in your carry case and when you get that beeping or warning message that your battery is low, plug your laptop power supply in and away you go for unlimited laptop usage. Our range covers practically every laptop possible including the Samsung R505 Adapter. If you have been looking around for prices for original and OEM Samsung Laptop Chargers you will know that they are expensive. Laptop Power UK is different. Our prices are extremely competitive and also offer the very best durability out there. Once you have tried us we are sure you will agree.

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