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Sony Chargers From 65W to 120W

August 31st, 2013

Depending on the model of your Sony laptop, it could either be a small netbook, designed to be easily transported and used on your laptop on the train or a large, powerful notebook that you keep on your desk at home, rarely moving it. With these different sized laptops comes different power requirements.

Your netbook will be specifically designed to have a long battery life, using smaller amounts of power. It may not have a disk drive and usually incorporates a 10″ screen. For these kinds of laptops we stock the smaller 40W and 65W Laptop Power Supplies. All of our Sony Laptop Chargers come with a 12 month warranty and a free power cord.

For your big gaming/office type laptops with large panels and high end graphics we also stock the more powerful 120W adapters perfect for delivering the right amount of power to your machine. Whatever your model, whether it be the Sony Vaio PCG-6112 Adapter or Sony Vaio VGN-FE range you need to find, just visit our online store at

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Keep The Cost Down For A Replacement Sony Laptop Charger

December 29th, 2012

One of the most prohibitive things about buying a replacement Sony Laptop Charger is the cost of getting an original. This leads many people to opt for the cheapest version they can find on-line. However they soon realise that this can often be a bit of a false economy as they are prone to break very easily.

Obviously the best option would be to get an original but where are you able to find one at a reasonable price? Laptop Power UK has just the answer. For here, we stock original Sony Vaio Laptop Power Supplies for less than the manufacturer price but with the exact same length of warranty. With our long 12 month guarantee you can put your faith in your new Laptop Adapter to ensure that for as long as you need a source of power, your replacement will be there powering your laptop.

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Find The Full Range Of Sony Laptop Chargers At Laptop Power UK

September 10th, 2012

Sony laptops will be powered by a small range of Sony Laptop Chargers which cover a 65W, 75W, 90W and 120WW power range. With these different laptop chargers you will be able to power all of Sonys’ notebooks from your nearest power source.

When you need to find out which Laptop Power Supply to purchase, the details will be displayed on your old laptop charger. On the label will be a lot of information but tucked away amongst this will be the output voltage and amps listings. These two figures can be multiplied together to find the output Watts. Once you have discovered exactly which Sony Vaio Laptop Adapter you need to order, just give us a call on 0845 257 7745 for the fastest UK dispatch and delivery.

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A Sony Laptop Charger That Gives You Plenty Of Power

May 1st, 2012

There are some models of Sony laptop that are far more power hungry than others. Some are very powerful and can perform to the highest levels providing you with the ability to entertain and to perform any work tasks you need it to. Some utilise the latest blu-ray technology, have large processors, large screens and big hard drives. This extra performance requires extra power which is delivered through the Sony Laptop Charger. When large amounts of power are needed but your adapter can’t perform, you will soon see that you are fighting an up hill battle.

When a Laptop Adapter is needed that will give you all the power you require, Laptop Power UK can deliver the goods with original Sony laptop chargers. The Sony VPC-F12M0E/B Adapter for instance will give you 120W of power, double some standard adapters which will be exactly when your laptop will need to charge the battery and power its components.

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Why Is Your Sony Laptop Not Charging?

April 8th, 2012

When you plug your Sony Laptop Charger in to your laptop you should expect the laptop to power on and the battery to begin charging. If this is what you have done but there is no sign of any life in the laptop there could be a problem with no power reaching the motherboard. This is a common problem and one that can be diagnosed and repaired easily. If you have a friend with the same make of laptop you could always use their charger to try to power your laptop. If they know that their Laptop Charger is working but it doesn’t seem to power your laptop then there may be an issue with the DC socket

This part will need to be repaired by a qualified engineer as it involves soldering a new port on to the motherboard. This should only be attempted if you have experience as you could damage the motherboard rendering the laptop permanently damaged. If the news is good, you will only require a replacement Sony Vaio Laptop Adapter which can be found at Laptop Power UK.

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Save A Small Fortune On A Sony Laptop Charger From Laptop Power UK

April 4th, 2012

There are quite a lot of options open to you when you are looking to replace an old Sony Laptop Charger. All you need to do is type Sony Laptop Charger in Google and there will be page after page of results for you to choose from. The trouble is, this vast array of Laptop Adapters could leave you confused. There are just a couple of simple decisions to make however. Do you want an original Sony Vaio Laptop Power Supply or do you want a generic replacement?  Do you want to spend as little as possible or do you want to ensure you get a good quality adapter with longevity.

If you want an original adapter at a great price that will last for years to come then Laptop Power UK should be the store to visit. We stock original Sony Vaio VGN-FE31M Adapters and many more to suit all different models of Sony laptop. All you need to do is search our website to find your model. If you can’t see it on-line you can talk to us via email or over the phone to let us help you get the right adapter at the right price.

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Original Branded Sony Adapters And a Power Cord For Free

March 14th, 2012

Sony Laptop Chargers are very similar in terms of the size of the connection that fits into the charging socket. This is commonly a 6.5mm outer diameter by a 4.4mm inner diameter. If you look inside the tip of the charger, you will also see a small pin in the middle. This helps the connection when the Laptop Adapter is plugged into the laptop and helps the power to reach the charging circuit.

When you want an original branded Sony Vaio Laptop Power Supply, Laptop Power UK has them all. With some Sony laptops requiring a 65W, 75W, 90W or 120W charger,  your laptop needs to be supplied with the proper current. This is why we have created a database that tells you exactly what is required. When you have purchased your Sony Vaio VGN-NW20EF Adapter you will not only benefit from same day dispatch an fast shipping but also from a free power cord included with each order.

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Call Today To Purchase Your New Original Sony Adapter

March 2nd, 2012

Sony laptops are pretty easy to find a Replacement Laptop Charger for. In general the tip is always the same size no matter the model – a 6.5mm outer diameter and 4.4mm inner diameter. The power output is the variable that you should take into account when searching for a new one.

You can either look on the label of your old adapter, the owners manual or bottom of the laptop for the required output from your Sony Laptop Adapter. You may see the wattage or the volts and amps displayed. If you multiply the volts by the amps, you get the wattage of the adapter. for instance a Sony Vaio VGN Adapter at 19.5V 4.7A is a 92W power supply.

At Laptop Power UK we stock original Sony chargers at 65W, 75W, 90W and 135W ensuring your Sony Vaio-PCG613A Laptop Power Supply is always available and ready to be shipped no matter what power rating you require.

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Sony Vaio Laptop Charger Models And Their Various Part Numbers

December 10th, 2011

Original Sony Vaio Laptop Adapters are some of the best looking laptop chargers around. You see those generic, cheap replacements that other have purchased for their laptops and you wander how they are still working. they look and feel cheap and rubbishy. If you see a Sony Laptop Charger though you will think, that looks well made and strong, not to mention in keeping with the styling of the laptop.

At Laptop Power UK we sell those original replacement laptop chargers at a fraction of the price of a new one from the high street or laptop retailer. They are great looking chargers with all the branding and embossed ‘Vaio’ design on the back. We throw in a free UK power cord with the order so you can plug the Sony Vaio VGP-AC19V33 Laptop Power Supply straight in and charge the machine.

There may be a lot of different model numbers for the laptop or on your old charger, a lot of charger model numbers. Essentially these are just different batches of the same adapter and in reality, one type of charger will fit all Sony laptops. All you need to do is look up your laptop model on and the resulting power supply will be displayed.

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An Original Sony Adapter Could Be Just What Your Laptop Needs

December 8th, 2011

If you are sometimes struggling to get your laptop to charge or your old Laptop Charger seems to have seen better days, you should visit Laptop Power UK. When your laptop charger needs replacing because it has been damaged over time and the cables are becoming frayed or because it intermittently powers your laptop, an original Sony Laptop Adapter can be just what your laptop needs to get it powering properly again. Sometimes the cheaper replacements from unknown companies can be a little bit rough around the edges and may not have the same quality parts installed leading to larger failure rates.

An original however can be just the ticket because of the high level of components and the purpose built nature of the product. Designed by Sony, they will know the exact requirements of your laptop and be able to power it effortlessly. So if you need a Sony Vaio VGN-NR21S Adapter or any others from the Sony range speak to us about about getting an original replacement at a fantastic price.

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