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UK Based Suppliers Of Replacement Laptop Chargers – Laptop Power UK

June 12th, 2012

Sometimes, times is of the essence. When you need something quickly it will not do to wait for days or weeks for a certain product. This is why, when you you are looking for a new Toshiba Laptop Adapter it is wise to shop from a UK based company that can dispatch the same day and with an option of a next day courier service. For just an extra £3 you can add this courier service to your Laptop Power Supply order for the fastest delivery times possible.

Your new Toshiba Satellite Pro A120 Adapter for instance will come with a UK power cord as standard and providing you order before 3pm, will be dispatched that same day. No longer do you have to wait around with your laptop unused because our solution will see that in just hours you are once again powering your laptop, visiting your favourite websites and e

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Number One For Toshiba Satellite Pro A60 Laptop Chargers

June 6th, 2012

Why are Laptop Power UK number one for replacement laptop chargers? Simply put, because we only supply original Laptop Chargers and OEM replacements. So when you see adverts on-line for replacement laptop chargers, bear in mind there are a number of different levels of quality. There are some very poor imitations which come with a very short warranty. These can break within weeks leaving you forking out for another replacement. There are generic versions which are better but nowhere near as good as an original or OEM product and then there are those from Laptop Power.

Your Toshiba Satellite Pro Charger will probably have been manufactured by a company called Delta Electronics. This is the same brand that we use for our replacement Toshiba Satellite Pro A60 Laptop Power Supplies and so it is guaranteed to be of the same top quality and specification. When all you want is a good priced, OEM adapter which will last for years, we have the answer and can supply to you the very next day.

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With Toshiba Satellite Chargers On Offer Laptop Power Is Number One

May 12th, 2012

When it comes to Toshiba Satellite Laptop Chargers, Laptop Power stock every type you could possibly need when your laptop is not charging. While there can be instances when the laptop is not charging because of some kind of fault with the charging socket, more often than not it will be because of a faulty Laptop Adapter. This is cheaper than paying for a repair on your laptop so the news is not all bad. Laptop Power UK bring you replacement laptop chargers for your Toshiba with great offers and free power cords.

Whether you need a 15V 5A Toshiba Portege A200 Laptop Power Supply or a 19V 4.74 Toshiba Satellite Charger, they are all listed by part number or by laptop model number making it as easy as possible for you to find the correct replacement. There are a number of delivery options available to all UK and Northern Irish customers and even options should you need your adapter in Europe.

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Don’t Risk Using Your Faulty Laptop Charger – Get A Replacement Today

April 22nd, 2012

After many years of use, your Laptop Charger can begin to show its age and may now only work intermittently. This can be down to the age of the product or some outside factor. As the laptop charger is moved around the house you might drop it on occasion or perhaps you left it in the boot of your car on a cold winters night to find in the morning it had stopped working.

Sometimes your pet may decide to chew on the wire or where the cable meets the tip, it may begin to fray. These faults in particular can be dangerous as having bare wires on your Toshiba Laptop Charger could cause a nasty shock or even worse, start a fire. With this in mind isn’t it better to get a replacement? You can find replacements for any make of Toshiba laptop including the Toshiba Qosmio G50-10H Adapter at Laptop Power UK. Visit us at to see what we can do for you.

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The Place To Visit For Toshiba Compatible Chargers

April 17th, 2012

Whilst Laptop Power UK do not stock original Toshiba Laptop Chargers we do have the very best replacements. All of our replacement Toshiba laptop chargers are made by Delta Electronics who are the manufacturer that supply Toshiba with their original laptop power supplies. Due to the fact you will be receiving such a premium item it goes without saying that we will also give you a 12 month warranty with your purchase. Unlike many generic replacements, the failure rate of Delta Electronics power supplies is tiny.

With lots of models of Toshiba Satellite Adapters you might like to take a bit of advice from the experts at Laptop Power UK. Help is only a phone call away. As we know exactly which power supply you need for each and every laptop we can ask the right questions to ensure you receive the right adapter first time.

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Why Not Avoid An Expensive Replacement But Still Get A Quality Laptop Charger

April 12th, 2012

At Laptop Power UK we do not stock branded Toshiba Laptop Chargers. But this is not a problem and should not leave you thinking otherwise. This is because our replacements are called OEM or original equipment manufacturer Laptop Adapters. We do not just purchase our stock from any old company – we only buy from the leading manufacturers such as Delta Electronics. Delta are considered one of the top three manufacturers of laptop chargers worldwide. So much so, the likes of Toshiba actually buy their Toshiba Satellite Laptop Power Supplies and more from Delta. These are then re-branded with a Toshiba logo.

So to ensure you are saving money and at the same time still getting the very best deal, you can trust in Laptop Power UK. If your Toshiba Satellite Pro L300 Charger is in need of  a replacement then in just a couple of minutes you can have searched for and purchased this top replacement. It will be delivered in quick time and is guaranteed for 12 months. Never again will you have trouble charging your laptop.

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ADP-75SB Compatible Laptop Charger Relacements

March 21st, 2012

There can be a lot of different part numbers associated to any one particular Laptop Charger. One of these is the ADP-75SB part number. This is commonly used on Toshiba laptops and is a 19V 4.74A adapter. The power coming out of the Toshiba Laptop Charger is very important because you need to get the right supply for the laptop to perform correctly. Too little power and the laptop may not charge, too much and you could damage the laptop.

If you know the particular part number, for instance you might be looking for an ADP-75SB Laptop Adapter, then all you need to do to source it is to type that number into our search function. The adapter is then displayed with the cost, specifications and even images of both the charger and a close up of the tip, giving you an idea of the size and dimensions.

We can take retail orders, school purchase orders and welcome new trade customers so why not get in touch or visit us at to search for a top quality replacement laptop charger.

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Toshiba Tecra Laptop Power Supply Replacements

March 20th, 2012

The Toshiba Tecra A9 Laptop Charger for instance may require a type of laptop charger that provides 75W of power as opposed to the usual 65W or 90W. Instead of a common 19V output it comes in a 15V and 5A output which a short fat tip to plug into your laptop charging socket.

This unusual type means it is very easy to find the correct Replacement Laptop Adapter because there is only one type of 15V 5A charger and it only has this stubby tip. It means that if you look on the label of your old Acer Laptop Adapter and see these two figures then you know exactly which replacement to source.

Pay a visit to Laptop Power UK where you can browse our models and ranges at your leisure to find the correct replacement listed by model name or part number. If you cannot find what you are looking for then just get in touch by email or by phone.

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From The Same Manufacturers As Original Toshiba Chargers – Delta Replacement Laptop Chargers

March 12th, 2012

Toshiba out source much of the production of the main components that go into the building of their laptops to other companies. The finished products are labelled with the Toshiba brand and distributed with the laptop. Look a little bit closer to the Laptop Power Supply though and you will notice the real manufacturers logo in very small writing. Look at a Toshiba Laptop Adapter and you will see that it has been made by Delta Electronics.

So Delta are one of the big worldwide manufacturers of replacement laptop chargers and this is the same brand stocked at Laptop Power UK. With this high end product ready to be shipped, the only way you will match the quality is by buying direct form Toshiba themselves. This will cost you quite a bit of money though, so the smart move is to shop at Laptop Power UK for your Toshiba Satellite Laptop Charger replacement.

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Popular Toshiba Laptop Chargers At Low Prices

December 25th, 2011

Toshiba laptops are a popular choice for people looking for an affordable netbook for the kids, for everyday use and right up to specialist business or gaming notebooks. With this range of specifications comes a range of different Laptop Chargers. Whilst your laptop probably came with an original Toshiba Laptop Charger when purchased it can be difficult and expensive to replace with another Toshiba branded power supply. This can simply be because the original manufacturers charge an inflated premuim.

At Laptop Power UK we provide original OEM Toshiba Satellite Power Adapters by the same company that makes the Toshiba branded adapters – Delta Electronics. Essentially an original Toshiba Laptop Charger with a different label, your quality is never compromised and standards are always maintained. This is further enhanced with a 12 month warranty on all of our Toshiba Satellite L550 Chargers and lots more besides.

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